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December 04 2008

Want to ask the Dollhouse cast and crew a question? E! Online's Kristin is visiting the set very soon (today) and is looking for questions to ask Joss, Eliza and Tahmoh. So if you have a question for them then email

Cheers to jengod for the heads up.

Well my question is whether Joss is going to set up some conflicting love interests for Echo which will lead to shipping wars among the fans, because those are always fun (I just read the new rules here and you have to admit that nothing in the fandom is as enduring, in fact unkillable, as a good shipping war!)!
How soon is "very soon"? A deadline would be helpful. Is she visiting today?
Yes as far as I am aware.
Ok, thanks. Sent.
embers: AGREED.

My question would be if we'll finally get to have a happy ending, but this is Joss so we already know the answer.
Happy endings are overrated. Season finales that destroy the set, now. Those are not appreciated nearly enough.
"Will there be any jokes about how Active Mike doesn't have as cool of a name as the others?"

(I don't really want this asked, so, like, don't forward it to her.)
LOL Sunfire! Gotta love those nuking-the-whole-city sort of ending. :) Hopefully the sleeping pods will last for a couple of seasons, though. Like Angel's Hotel, I'm really digging this set.

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