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December 04 2008

Dark Horse unveils cover art for the 'Time of Your Life' tpb. It's very good indeed. And if you were hoping to read a brand new issue of Buffy season 8 in March, well it seems that you may have to wait till April.

Yeah I noticed the lack of a Buffy issue when another site put the list up late last night, but I was hoping it was an error I'd see corrected by the time CBR put it up, but apparently not.
Better than the Wolves at the Gate tpb cover, but the worst when compared to the other two
That's beautiful. Buffy, in particular, looks flat out iconic.
Yeah, definitely my favourite of the lot. The high standard continues.
That's really nice. I'm distracted by the new Achewood volume though. That's news to me, and I dig. Mightily.
I like it a lot. I think the only pic that's a little "off" to me would be Fray. But Buffy & Willow look fantastic!
They're probably playing catch-up, because at the current rate, one of the issues would have to double ship. Issue 20 and 21 were/are supposed to both come out this month, and then 22 and 23 in January and February, respectively. But likely 21 has been pushed to Jan, 22 to Feb, and 23 to March. This is good, because I don't want to pay for two issues in one month!
Oooh. I already thought it was awesome from the incredibly epic look of the frozen-in-place action and the excellent Buffy and Willow likenesses, but I looked at it again, and noticed how Willow's hair becomes thorny vines off on the right edge. Yay for subtle surrealism!
Wiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn. Love it.
Three points:
1. Does anyone understand the logic with the names on the cover of the trade? I understand Joss, and even Karl Moline (I understand that artist Karl Moline co-created Fray many years ago) but Jeph Loeb? He wrote an issue, why cover credits? How about Georges? Or Andy Owens who’s actively been with the title longer than anyone (I think). Why not Jo Chen? She’s a genius and a huge draw to the title. I assume the honcho’s at Dark Horse are all giddy at the thought of being able to put such a well know moniker on the cover of one of their trades. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation…

2. Also, how cool is that twilight symbol at the bottom of the cover? Sweet!

3. Phallic much?
1. I think that its because it has the potential to bring in non-Buffy comics geeks. Jeph is huge in comics and he's also known for Heroes now. So pretty much what you said - giddiness over being able to put a big name on the cover. That said, I don't understand leaving out Georges at all (although its possible I would if I double checked which issues were in the trade).

2. Meh.

3. There's nothing phallic about beautiful, scantily clad ladies wavin--- oh, never mind, you were totally right ;).
He wasn't involved in the main art for the trade, is why.
After R'ingTF'ingL, what pat32082 said.
Awesome. I suppose, however, that veiny Willow is kind of a giveaway that I probably wouldn't want to have before I read the thing. But having read it? Oooh. I like it very much.
What issue number does this go through? I want to end my individual issues, and switch to just buying the tpbs.
Apparently it will be 40 issues so that's 8 trades in all. And another two years to go till the finale (allowing for minimal delays).
Thanks. So this particular TPB goes through issues 16/17/18/19/20?

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I wonder if there's going to be a big, gorgeous hardcover of Buffy Season 8. I'd buy it in a heartbeat even though I'm also buying the individual issues AND the TPBs.
So this particular TPB goes through issues 16/17/18/19/20?

Yes indeed.

I wonder if there's going to be a big, gorgeous hardcover of Buffy Season 8.

I really hope so. I would love Absolute Buffy volumes.
I've been wondering the same thing phlebotinin. And I too am buying the trades just so I keep my sticky fingers off the "good copies."
There better be. Actually, I'm hoping there's a hardcover that'll contain the whole first half of the season, 1-20.
Sunfire, I'm with you on the Achewood distraction. Awesome. I actually had opened this in another tab, went off to eat lunch, and came back a half hour later. By that time, I thought I'd opened it for the Achewood link. Scrolling down to see Buffy was an added bonus.

I need to go hassle a comic store clerk about putting in a couple of orders for me.
#20 may have slipped a week. Dark Horse has it scheduled for Dec. 10 but my local comic shop does not have it listed for next week and TFAW has it coming out Dec. 17.
I like this, but does Willow look a little off to you? She was nailed in #19 (by the way, love that cover!), but this looks different, maybe in the mouth and nose? Fray and Buffy have been nailed though!

Should be cool anyway, looking forward to #20 whenever it should appear.

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The names on the cover make perfect sense. Joss is always on it and he's written 4 of the 5 issues, Karl has drawn 4 of the 5 issues and Loeb has written the remaining ish. Georges has drawn none of them.
Georges provides some of the art in #20, according to early posts by Scott Allie. He presumably pencils the "back to home" section. Though I don't think that warrants cover credit. The list they have is appropriate.

I don't really get the issue with the credits. The "Wolves at the Gate" TBP was credited the same way.

GODDARD- wrote 4/5 issues
JEANTY- pencilled all of the issues
WHEDON- wrote the remaining issue

This one is credited as:

WHEDON- wrote 4/5 of the issues
MOLINE- provided most of the art
LOEB- wrote the remaining issue
Shame about the cover spoilage (shades of Buffy's Season 6 DVDs there. Can't remember if there were any other spoilery DVD covers for first-time viewers).

Don't like Jo Chen's take on Fray there, but everything else about the cover is okay. Cool that they're including #20.
Its the most beautifulest beautiful thing I have ever seen. Until the next TPB cover comes out.
It does make me wonder who will be credited on the next TPB... no Whedon, five different writers, and Jeanty.
Definitely a step up from the "Wolves at the Gate" art. Lovely.

Now I need to actually buy this freaking TPB's. The only one I actually own is "The Long Way Home." Come to think of it, I never bought the "Better Days" trade either...

Someone send 'em to me for Christmas?

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