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December 04 2008

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku previews new movie and Dollhouse. A TV Guide interview. Very minor spoilers.

Laughing at the hair thing. I'm so looking forward to Dollhouse! Might try to check out Nobel Son as well.
I keep reading and re-reading the part about the "kinda sorta" nude scene in Nobel Son, and then drifting off to a, um...

Pardon, what was the question again?
I think there's some rule against posting links to other sites and copyright issues and so forth...what if there's no hypertext?

Tin Ear Tom--here's your scene...and wow.
Joss' "Your comfort zone lies in your hair" thing was a hoot.

And I do get that - anyone with long hair as pretty as Eliza's can get a little too used to relying on it as a prop to sorta hide behind. In my own nowhere-near-as-adventurous style, I've usually had long hair, but a few times I've cut it down to short-short just to "mess up the paintbox" as me old art teacher used to say.
Yes, my "mad skills."

Hee, that was so Faith.
Heh, don't mess with the hair man ! 'Nobel Son's trailer was interesting (at least partly cos of the amazing cast) but sort of shapeless. I'll still watch it though cos did I mention the amazing cast ? It's amazing you know.

(and the last trailer I saw that left me very WTF ? was for 'Body of Lies' which turned out to be a pretty decent film IMO)

Gotta say, from how it's filmed in that small segment i'dve bet folding money Eliza's scantily clad scene was a body double but from what she says, that's her. Yowsa. Definitely not granny pants. No truer word ... ;).
That's awesome. Love the part about the hair. :)

Movie looks like I'd like it. Luckily, it's in a theater near me, so I'm totally there. :)

And I HATE it, but WSS regarding cast. *shakes fist at Saje*
Much as I want to support Eliza, some people really, really, really hate Nobel Son (major spoilers). Since I'd heard rumors that it wasn't that great earlier, this just confirms them and I'll wait until I find a free copy before I see it.

ETA a quote mark.

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Yeah, I haven't been hearing good things about Nobel Son. But it is opening nearby this weekend, so I might see it if I can't find Milk anywhere around here.

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