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December 05 2008

Preorder the Horrible soundtrack CD now! Available on Amazon.

No Commentary! :(

wow,that was fast! saw the tweet and came here and it was posted.
Currently selling for higher than Amazon is selling the DVD for. Presumably (warning: speculation) Amazon will adjust that with volume of sales as we think it did for the DVD.
From the product page:

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.

...Is this a common thing, these days? What about, like, packaging?
The same thing is happening with the DVD, HWT. My understanding is that there's still packaging and box art, it's just not premade. The demand determines the number of copies.

I could be wrong.
HWT, much like we believe to be the case for DVD, this likely is being produced on demand via CreateSpace/On-Demand Publishing, which is an Amazon company. It's a way for smaller entities to publish DVDs and CDs for sale via Amazon without having to shell out $$ for inventory. The process includes traditional CD/DVD packaging.

ETA: Double-posted explanatory action!

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Unless there's exclusive sleeve notes or nice pics I may just stick with my iTunes album and leave this one alone.
Same here, Simon. If this had come out concurrent with the iTunes album I'd've gone for the physical CD, but as it is I don't see the need to own it twice.

Still, might make a nice gift. Release date is the 15th - earlier than the DVD.
I knew I was holding out of pre-ordering the DVD for a reason!

Though I may still wait for the New Year. Delivery date from .com estimates it not coming until January, and I have two addresses I could have it shipped to depending on when in January, and I'd rather not ship it to the wrong one.
... Is this in stereo, or is exactly the same thing that one could buy from iTunes? I can't find any information about that.

I might consider getting it if the sound has improved.
Yeah, I get that they thought it'd be a good idea to get the CD out now too, with all of the "booming" business in pre-orders & what not.

But, wouldn't it had been more convincing to get as a package deal (DVD&CD)? And to not have the Commentary! on the CD, exclusive for Amazon... well, their ambition might flop on the CD.

Still, 2 for ~$20 (1 CD, 1 DVD) still isn't a bad deal. I'll have to think about it.
Already ordered mine; so excited!
Price has been lowered to $9.99.
Partial fail for Amazon, though -- after ordering 4 copies of the DVD, you'd think this would be at the top of my Coming Soon recommendations. Instead the only thing listed is the DVD (which I've already ordered!).

Anyway, haven't decided yet about ordering it. Maybe I'll get one for my sister since I don't think she dl'd it from iTunes.
Psst. Store and this thead subject link.
Just got mine! A big surprise since Amazon sent me an e-mail saying I wouldn't be getting it until the 24th. Anyway, it sounds great, better than the MP3 versions, at least to my discerning ear. The included booklet has some great pics, even a few I hadn't seen before. And the lyrics are also enclosed. For those concerned with it being a "CD-R", it's really hard to tell. I'm slightly disappointed that we don't get "Commentary, the Musical!", but otherwise, it's great!

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