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December 05 2008

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Presents: Harmony Kendall's MySpace. Newly created MySpace page the character Harmony. Courtesy of Dark Horse, check back often for updates...

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This is so money it doesn't even know how money it is.

Er...which means, I love it.
Ha yeah right she's a Pisces...
It's not quite in character, but fun nonetheless.
Not enough pink. Or unicorns.

I appreciate the idea, but c'mon, this is Harmony; this site needs to be done in the style of the absolute worst excesses of MySpace.
Not enough pink. Or unicorns.

That was my first thought. It needs one of those MySpace backgrounds you can't get away from, very pink and with unicorns. Sparkles would be a plus. That, and the content reads like marketing copy someone edited. It's not at all like Harm connecting with her fans.
It's still a new site, and I'm sure she'll add unicorns and the like pretty soon.
Aside from that, the site is so money it's better than our current economy.
I echo the need to 'frost' the page. It didn't scream Harmony at all to me.

Still reality shows AND Clem, too? Me likey where this tale is heading.
Agreed. More unicorns and pink needed! I'd love for Jane Espenson to get in there and write the bio. ;)
I really love that they are doing this. It's got to be fun on their side, too.

The tidbit about Clem is interesting. I can totally see him being Ed McMahon to her Johnny. This is starting to shape up to the funniest Season 8 comic yet!
This is pretty half-assed... :(
Hopefully it'll improve. :)
YAY Clem!! I miss Clem! I always wondered what happened after he fled the Dale!
It is adorable, we should send her cyber unicorns!
I still think there's room for "Clem! the Musical."
"The tidbit about Clem is interesting. I can totally see him being Ed McMahon to her Johnny. This is starting to shape up to the funniest Season 8 comic yet!"

How funny is the underlying story going to be!?

She's an enemy of the slayers! The "militant slayers"!! I'm really curious to see how the "outing" of Vampires is going to work and what (if any) connections there are to HELL-LA.

The best thing about the series going to comics, the unrestricted amount of story that can be told. We've already seen the global scale of this: Scotland, England, U.S, Tokyo, the Future! With this issue I'm going to be really interested to see how the WORLD views what's going on.

Always looking forward..
Did anyone check out the myspace pages created for the Veronica Mars characters? Man, those were made with LOVE--even the out of character bits there at least had some basis.

More pink, more unicorns, more spunk, more hopeless romanticism, more ditziness, and in fact more of absolutely EVERYTHING and this might be okay. :)
Hehe, like the idea a lot, although I agree with those that say it needs a little more of that traditional MySpace tat. The trashy background (definitely with much pinkness and multiple unicorns) is a must. Nice start, though.
Only MySpace? Not evil enough. She should have exactly the same info on FaceBook and Bebo as well. :D
Here's a random piece of speculation:

Under "Harmony's Companies" they list Wolfram & Hart. Is this a reference to the final season of Angel? Or is our favorite lawfirm from Hell funding Harmony's reality show and outing the Buffyverse? Maybe they're making Harmony and Clem (??!!) part of their public relations efforts and trying to get the world behind W&H and against Buffy.

Or maybe Angel wipes them out at the end of After the Fall and I'm just being overly geeky. It's a toss up really.
Clem! I'm stoked. Can't wait for this issue.
Somebody with talent should create a pink, unicorn and glitter background for them to add to this...
Haha. Clem? How does Harmony know Clem!!? I'll just be glad if he pops up again. lol. He was awesome. XD

The thing does need some more sparkly text and unicorns and what not, though. lol. Unless she's supposed to be trying to look all professional or something. lol.

[ edited by hellboy on 2008-12-25 20:40 ]
Rats!!! The library doesn't allow MySpace access and neither will work, I don't think! My second favorite B'verse character gets a page and I can't see it. (Could be worse, could be Tara's page I'm not seeing. If I can access this at work,it's going into the "D'C'A'" menu in my Favorites.) I have a doctoor's appointment coming up, maybe I can see it once at the library in my old hometown.

As to Clem, well, we don't know how long (44 minutes a week, 22 weeks a year, remember?) he and Spike were friends, and she dated Spike almost 2 years, so they coudl easily ahve socialized. I don't think Spike'd just met the Clemster right before S-6 started.
It's about time Clem came back! Who cares about Buffy? I say Clem gets his own series!

I said ages ago on a forum that Clem would end up with Harm, and people said no and laughed at that idea, who's laughing now hey?!

Personally, I'd have thought Clem joining the new-style Watchers more plausible.

(Awk. I just created a fanfic series premise. Stop me writing.)
Anybody else wonder if the two dogs are vampires?
I think someone needs to comment with one of those tacky glittering pics that spam every Myspace page.

Also, lets get nitpicky, it says she is 27, which is the correct age for her character if S8 was taking place in 2008, but shouldn't she really be about 23-24 years old in the S8 timeline which is supposedly a year and a half after the series?
Yeah, I noticed that too. Her age is off.
The comic has never specifically said when it takes place. I tend to take everything as conjecture until it shows up on the page.
Twinkiefoo I DID post one of those tacky glittering pics (of a unicorn) at her MySpace, and I invite everyone else to give her more of them, because you know Harmony would see that as acceptance/love.
MySpace is so 2006. They should've made her a Facebook account.
that's one thing bugs about the comics is the dating; it's a 2008 version of 2004, like the Wild Wild wEst was a 1966 view of 1869.

But yeah, I kinda like this, figured it was only matter of time before vacuous, treacherous, promiscuous good ol' Harm would go public. Wonder how her parents feel about this (Or any siblings or other family )

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