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December 05 2008

Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion cameo in music video parody. The Dan Band, with help from celebrities, delivers a message to the world through song: "Please Don't Bomb Nobody This Holiday"

Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion maintain their commitment to comedy through web-based musical ventures.

Okay, cute... but confusing (which kind of makes it less funny because of not really 'getting it'). But still, I do love seeing Neil, and I must have missed Nathan, so now I have to watch it over again!
Yeah, where was Nathan in this? And also, wah huh? That was very strange.
Nathan was in that group --in a plaid shirt
There was even a close up on Nathan at one point. I'm surprised you guys missed him.
Um, I started fast-forwarding through it. The singing was freaking me out.
If you start zoning out after awhile (easy to do because it goes on way, way too long) you'll likely miss Nathan because he doesn't really noticeably pop up until late.
Uh, I actually liked it a lot.

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Except that it was a joke.
Are you saying that funny parody holiday song is a JOKE?
I saw Nathan only at the end.

I don't know quite how to say this, without sounding like a government turd, but while I understand the message, I think it's a bit simplistic. U.S. air power may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the Balkans in the 90s and early 00s. And it may now be costing us, especially in Afghanistan, especially when overused. Turn the coin over. If peace is available, where? How?
Kim Kardashian should never be allowed on camera. What a waste of space!

On the surprising side, Donald Faison, dude from Clueless, has a unexpectingly nice voice.
Christina Applegate is one of my favorite people.
NPH is everywhere these days. Way to go! There were lots of great faces in the video. Why didn't Nathan get a solo mic? *pout*

I didn't see Kim Kardashian.
I thought it was hilarious. And Nathan dancing at the end was pretty funny.
That wasn't KK, I think it was the Pussycat Dolls chick.

NPH- made of awesome, as always. And Nathan, at the end, was dancing in a most amusing way.

Donald Faison sang all the time on 'Scrubs'. You should check out the musical episode if you haven't already- 'Guy Love' is a classic.
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If you start zoning out after awhile (easy to do because it goes on way, way too long)

Yeah, totally. It got boring real quick. I mean, I know it was trying to be bad, but it succeeded a little too well.
That wasn't KK, I think it was the Pussycat Dolls chick.

Was that the good-looking lassie with the long dark hair ? I thought she was one of the best bits, she really sent herself and the whole self-indulgent "sex kitten" thing up brilliantly (like hogging the fan etc.).

In general though, little bit too long and not quite varied enough. It's a good idea, those sorts of songs are totally worthy and for a good cause but they can stand to have their earnestness pricked once in a while (despite what the site says it didn't seem like a send up of the "Don't Vote" videos, much more like a send up of Band Aid or similar IMO) I just think the lyrics etc. could've been a bit tighter.

(if it is a send-up of the voting PSAs though, yay to NPH for having his cake and eating it ;)
Is it just me, or did Dr H grow some major muscle now that he's joined the ELoE? And also, I said it once and I'll say it again, Neil Patrick Harris is of the pretty... And also also, waited ages to see Nathan and almost gave up but was well rewarded for persistence. Nathan doing the Nathan dance is tres da bomb...err, while we're on the subject.
I lasted around one minute twenty seconds. That was painfully unfunny.
I notice that the funny-or-die site has one ELE application on it (Evilonious). Maybe if more people with funny ELE apps were to upload there, it could help promote Dr H a bit more.
Great idea AlanD!

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I turned it off when Meg Ryan got her second or third shot...I used to love her but now she scares me. Something about her forehead not moving freaks me out.

I get the impression that whoever put this together made the pitch to every B celeb they could find..."Seriously, this thing is going to be bigger than "We Are The World" its going to put you right back at the top, Maisy Gray" So where was Kevin Sorbo, Mike Myers and Bai Ling???
It could've been a lot better, but I thought it was kind of amusing. Nathan popping up at the end was well worth it.

I didn't recognize, like, half of those people, though.
I didn't recognize, like, half of those people, though.

Then you did significantly better than me. I got Neil, Nathan and Meg Ryan... and that's it.
Christopher Guest was funny. And I really enjoyed seeing Janeane Garafolo and Matthew Perry together.
Heh, I kinda dugg that. Except the use of the word 'frickin'. I'm just allergic to that.
Intriguing idea, but I found the execution painfully unfunny as well.
Maybe I watch too much TV, but I recognized a lot of them. The chick from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and her husband (who was also in it), SNL members, Ricki Lake, Donald Faison of Scrubs, the guy from Tenacious D (he was wearing the "Ho" baseball shirt), Christina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, Meg Ryan, Pussycast dolls chick, Christopher Guest, Macy Gray, Nathan, NPH, Kathy Najimy from "Sister Act" with the high-pitched voice who was also just in the Prop 8 video, Janeane Garofalo, Matthew Perry, the asain babysitter chick from "When A Man Loves A Woman"...I do watch too much TV.

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I think a few people here are missing the point that this is a parody. Anyway, I agree that while it's a good idea, the execution wasn't so great... not as funny as it could have been. I think NPH was one of the best, though, for sure.
I just watched it to see NPH and then went wait was that Nathan Fillion? Yup. XD

I didn't think it was all that funny, maybe. Kinda a bit painful to watch sometimes (even though I knew it was a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. I'm just weird. lol.), lol but I still watched the whole thing but I'll probably never watch it again. XD
Sent to link to my mother. She is always trying to get me to see the Dan Band because she thinks they are just wonderful. Can feel better about refusing her from now on.
Meh. Nice of NPH to strip for us, but it's odd that that scene was placed at the beginning, seems more of an end-of-show kind of thing.
I think it all rests on the writing - and the lyrics just weren't all that great. It was fun for a bit to see who was in it, and I held on for Nathan at the end, but - I can forgive a whole lot if something is well-written, and I thought: not so much.
It was fun, for one viewing. But it's not something I'm going to watch again and again. Like, for instance, Dr. Horrible or the Prop 8 The Musical! video.
I thought it was great. :D
I am struck by the double negative and suddenly feel the need to bomb somebody this Holiday. I hope fart bombs count as I can not condone violence (which is why I'll never be evil, I suppose. Sigh.)
That was hella funny!
I sure hope everybody don't bomb nobody for the holidays!
I blinked and missed Nathan.
The Hammer was on screen 7 times (8 if you count the top of his head in one shot) all for a total of about 3 seconds (the first was around the 2:15 mark, then again at about 2:55, then I got to bored to keep track of the timings!) - what a waste! However, his dance and Dr H were about the best bits of the whole thing...

Funny or Die? ... Die
I thought it was cute and sweet, and it was great to see NPH and Nathan Fillion, especially the dancing at the end. I also loved seeing Kyle Gass of Tenacious D (the dude with the t-shirt that said HO).

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