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December 05 2008

(SPOILER) Christian Kane interview with Pegasus news about Leverage. Lengthy interview about the new series, which premieres on TNT Sunday, December 7th at 10/9c.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the 18 minute video. (I'm not sure if there are spoilers but I tagged it, just in case.)

There's also the "Leverage $100,000 Mission Sweepstakes" at Leverage HQ.

Here's a review of the first two episodes by Tom Shales at the Wash. Post. I'm looking forward to it now more than before -- not a big Tim Hutton fan but it sounds like the kind of thing I enjoy, kind of like that one from last season that died a quiet death - in fact, so quiet I've forgotten what it's called. ;)
Think Mission: Impossible meets Oceans with Robin Hood sensibilities, done with wry good humor.

My word, a "meets" comparison that's actually bang on the money, this accuracy and insight thing could really catch on ;).

Not a huge amount coming back from the interviewer there but some decent questions that gave Mr Kane a chance to talk about what it's about. Lots of good stuff in there, teeny spoilers (even by my standards) but though everyone says it, it's cool to hear they get on well - on an ensemble show like this I reckon that's half the battle won right there, that chemistry's gonna show onscreen. And John Rogers is a geek's geek that can also write. Got high hopes for this.

And woot, I just realised i've been saying "'Leverage' isn't on until December, boo" for ages and it's now actually December. Yay, here's to wishing your life away ;-).
Those promo pics make him look Fabio. Which is not that good a look.
Got a USB Flash Drive type thingy in the mail today which has the season premiere on it. Cool and all I guess (assuming is an EW subscriber dealie), but would rather wait till tomorrow to watch on TV.
I'm looking forward to this, I think Mark Sheppard is supposed to be in this too (isn't he in everything?). So it is exciting to have something good to watch on a Sunday night!
Got an unenthused review in Sunday's paper.I will check it out myself and hope for the best.

I'm with Simon on the Fabio effect- not so delightful. And this is a guy who is generally very easy on the achieving that look took some misplaced effort on someone's part.
Going to have to agree to disagree with you Simon and toast. Chris looks hot. Tsk tsk, guys. I just saw the premiere tonight and it was pretty good. The Jedi line and the line from Chris about Klingons was laugh out loud funny. Mostly I'm just glad to see him back on tv in a decent role. However, I am still really bummed that I couldn't get passes to the early screening when he was in town this past week. I've been a long time fan and missing a chance to meet in him person was a real bummer. We don't have cons and stuff like that out here in the boonies so those opportunities are few and far in between.

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to Tuesday's eppy. It's been a long time since I had a fave show on Tuesday nights. You guys might remember the best show on Tuesday night of ALL TIME. It was a little show called Buffy. ;)
Well I enjoyed this a lot, I loved the casting and I thought the premise sounded like a good one, particularly their 'alternative revenue stream' (Buffy should have gotten someone to arrange HER finances like that!). I'll be continuing to watch on Tuesday nights.

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