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"They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses."
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December 06 2008

Joss on Robot Chicken. Joss is in the opening sketch of the RC season premiere. Ron Moore as well.


"Oh, wow, you actually say 'Whedonverse' in real life."

*BLAM* *BLAM* "Die, werewolf!"


And yet for some reason I think the most brilliant thing in that sketch is the portrait of William Howard Taft in the background of "Scooby Jew".
That was a superb opening. I'm tired of Family Guy, but I still like Seth McFarlane a lot.

And that Josh guy was neat.
It refuses to play anything except the ad for me.
Me too, but being from the UK I wasn't exactly surprised. Anyone who could point me in the direction of a YouTube alternative or the like, it would be greatly appreciated.
That was...okay, there isn't a word to describe how hysterically awesome that was. I'm just gonna go watch it about five more times now.
I've never watched RC, but that opening bit was hysterical.
No love AGAIN for us UKers. Grumble grumble.
Bloody Internet nationalism. Good thing the site works in Sweden. Too bad they don't have the video yet>.<
I'm so disappointed that he didn't go after them with a medieval weapon of some kind.
"Oh, wow, you actually say 'Whedonverse' in real life."

Definitely the quote of the day.
Oz: Congrats on winning Willow.
Tara: Thanks.
Oz: Some advice.
Tara: Advice?
Oz: Yeah. Don't be too lovable.
Wash: (sliding into view, sporting a gaping chest wound) Seconded! Definitely drop the lovable.
Tara: Why?
Joss: (popping up from behind a bush, holding a shotgun) Die werewolf! Die witch! Die spacecraft pilot who stole my plastic dinosaurs! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!
That pretty much sums it up.
I must say, we certainly seem to be living in a golden age of 'not available in your country' messages, and this one is among my favourites.
Nothing for Canada. :(
It's okay, I've been prepared for things like this ever since Dr. Horrible. Unfortunately the video isn't loading so fast, but I've seen up to Seth MacFarlane and it's been very funny so far.
That was just simply fantastic. <3

WHEDON: "You think you're worthy of writing in the Whedonverse." *does froufy hand gestures to accompany self-important and diabolical voice*

SETH GREEN: "Oh wow, you actually say 'Whedonverse' in real life."

WHEDON: [slams hands on medieval table] "That's right and as one of my creations, I do believe I've let you live long enough. [stands up, pulling pistol out of froufy jacket and fires] DIE WEREWOLF!"
That was so hilarious, I died laughing. I friggen love Seth Green.
Could the morons who encode this for overseas users please do so in a way that doesn't force us to watch the useless adverts BEFORE being told that for very unclear (phoney?) reasons we can't watch the feature we wasted all that bandwidth on?
daylight, they will earn more money doing the way they're doing it.
In the golden age of the torrent no they don`t.
Oh, man, I always forget how much I love Robot Chicken until someone links to it for me. And extra awesome for having Joss.

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I'm starting to think we could start claiming US-only online viewing as technological xenophobia. Think I have a case?

(yes I'm bitter I don't get to watch)
I loved the season opener! Joss was fantastic!
That was amazing. I generally think that Robot Chicken is hit-or-miss, but that, my friends...THAT was a million miles beyond "hit." Genius.
Live overseas? No video for you!

I'm in Australia and was able to access it via ways...and means.
(Feel free to contact me via the addy in my profile if you'd like some tips.)

That was a very, very funny sketch, and a fitting addition to the 'Whedonverse'. I love the dig at Seth for 'ditching' the show, given SMG's S1 sketch where she dissed the 'Lettuce Head Kids' storyline!

And I've added a 'Let's Frak' shirt to my Xmas wish list!
That just about killed me it was so hilarious. I had to watch it twice because I couldn't stop laughing after "DIE, WEREWOLF!"

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Whedon's already killed off Sarah's character twice before, and there are plenty of other characters to kill off. Just read the comic...

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That was hilarious! *watches again*
That was epic funny, naturally. It makes me want to sing...

"I'm so happy cuz I'm a Gummy Bear. GUMMY BEAR!" :)
If they're making money off me then they can let me watch the fucking thing.
@daylight: Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. :)

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