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December 07 2008

Buffy: Where Are They Now? Based on the current "rumours" of a Buffy movie, Digital Spy looks at what the cast have been up to since the show ended.

I considered posting this earlier today, but decided it wasn't exactly 'best of the web'. Most of us here are better informed about where these actors are at.
The thing we might agree on in these post-Buffy appearances is that they haven't given our actors much to work with in terms of character development. David in "Bones" is credible but not very interesting, Alyson in "How I Met Your Mother" is funny but not very deep, James was a workaday villain in "Supernatural," Sarah in "The Grudge" and "Southland Tales" didn't get much to do. I liked Eliza in "Tru Calling" but the show never found a way forward from its premise. Compared to these and other recent roles, what Joss wrote for the Buffy cast was brilliant. But this is true I guess of many iconic TV series, and the casts of "West Wing" and "Sopranos" may not get future chances that good either.
SMG is planning a "small screen retreat"? That's not exactly a well put together article, methinks. There's a great interview with SMG I don't think we covered here. It goes over the writers strike, and SMG on 'Buffy' and television.
That one popped up on here back in July gossi but yeah, nice interview.

The linked article is pretty basic really, bit of filler that's neither comprehensive nor up to date. Michelle Trachtenberg for instance is seemingly never not doing something, often fairly small independent films and so on but still working. If you don't count success as "being in huge box-office smashes" (as the article, frankly, seems to) then a lot of the former cast are doing pretty well (and even when they get it right they get it wrong - 'Kitchen Confidential' was in no way a Nick Brendon 'vehicle').
No, not exactly the most accurate or well-informed little piece. Marsters is definitely not touring with "his band". Also, I find it hard to believe that Tractenberg even maybe needs a career boost in the form of a Buffy-movie. Her role in the movie would have to be a lot bigger than I think it would ever be in order to garner much attention.
"I considered posting this earlier today, but decided it wasn't exactly 'best of the web'."

It's from Digital Spy. Doesn't that kinda go without saying. ;)

I've mentioned my dislike for the site and it's loose grip on what should be printed as factual news around here before so I did question whether or not to post the article myself. Then I noticed Simon had posted another Digital Spy article earlier today so figured this would end up here sooner or later anyway.

One thing that it did tell me that I didn't know before (and I'm assuming it's true because no-one has said otherwise, so far) was that Emma Caulfield turned down the chance to audition for Starbuck and Number Six on BSG. I can't actually imagine her as Six but she would have made a very interesting Starbuck, I'd say.
If you don't count success as "being in huge box-office smashes" (as the article, frankly, seems to)
Unfortunately, it seems that's the only way most people define "success" when it comes to the entertainment industry. Any other career, you're considered "successful" if you work steadily, keep your bills paid and a roof over your family's heads and food on the table. Doing that in a job that's actually what you want to be doing is just gravy. But if you're an entertainer, none of that matters to the public; unless you're a household name and every one of your projects is a blockbuster smash that earns Oscars or Emmys or Grammys (oh, my!) then it doesn't matter how well you do, you're a "failure".
Much as I love Emma, I wouldn't swap the discovery of Katee Sackhoff for all the toasted crumpets in the world.
I found it very interesting to read a very UK specific take on where they are. Coming from the US, I would have to agree with Dorian's Kitten that Michelle probably would not gain much from being in the movie, she's a pretty big hit right now. She's done a LOT of movies and they were moderately successful, but she was the star of them and that's pretty big. Plus this new one is bound to be enough of a boost to really launch her further.
ASH however is not someone we've seen much here in the US (or really at all) so I was a bit surprised to see that he's considered having a very solid carreer. I knew he was busy but have not seen the shows in question so had no idea he's so popular right now.
Any summary of Michelle's career that includes the words "nasty cow" *and* omits the words "Mysterious Skin" is useless to me.
Katee wasn't exactly "discovered" by BSG. Does no one remember The Education of Max Bickford?
James was a workaday villain in "Supernatural,"

doghouse, don't you mean Smallville? James Marsters never starred in Supernatural.
On a slightly different take, I've been catching up on House, and I've been surprised by the number of Buffy alumni showing up as either Patient of the Week or Clinic Patient of the Week. So far (I'm early in season 3), there's been Tom Lenk, Adam Busch, Michelle Trachtenburg, and Claire Kramer. I wonder if there's a connection.

As far as Emma and BSG, I can't see her as Starbuck, but she would have made a fine Number Six.
Felicia Day as well, don't forget.
"Does no one remember The Education of Max Bickford?"

I do, B!x (though, tbh, it took me a minute, the last time I thought of the show, to remember the title as probably being "The Education of Max somebody"). As I recall, a pretty good show, and, as I had a professor back in college who reminded me of Richard Dreyfuss, there was a little added personal interest in seeing Dreyfuss play a professor. And, I did definitely remember Sackhoff from that show when I saw the first BSG info coming out.

BTW - anybody who wants to see an example of the best original work the SciFi Channel can produce, when they put in the effort and money, "Tin Man" is currently, and for the next several hours, airing on the channel - featuring, coincidentally, Richard Dreyfuss (and starring Emily "Bones" Deschanel's sister Zooey).
Felicia Day as well, don't forget.

Not by early season 3 though. There's also Marc Blucas on the way and just in the last couple of weeks Sarah Thompson. Not sure but I think 'House' may be second only to 'Bones' for Whedonverse peeps popping up.

(as an aside, couple of weeks back there was a Jewel Staite heavy episode of 'Stargate: Atlantis' wherein she ends up on a private jet and makes a comment about how great the fresh strawberries were - might've been the tiniest of nods, you never know ;)
I just finished watching that episode of Atlantis on Sky2, Saje. Hadn't connected the strawberry comment until you mentioned it but it wouldn't be out of the question that it was meant as a Firefly nod.

That, or Jewel just has "must be given strawberries to eat in at least one episode of the show" written into all her contracts. ;)
Heh, Saje - my wife and I picked up on that, too! (Just caught the rerun this past Friday.) I believe she also made reference to wearing a "fancy dress" at some point, too... Two little coincidences = a somewhat likely nod?
Well, the Stargate creators have always shown an awareness of other sci-fi shows (with, for instance, good natured digs at BSG and the Farscape piss-take on SG1's 200th episode) and i'm pretty sure I remember an interview where some of the writers mentioned 'Firefly' so I wouldn't be too surprised.

(good episode BTW, nice 'Awwww' moment near the end and the stuff with all the science guys made me smile, bet Jewel thought she might go a career without being able to say "Not now, Nye !" ;)

That, or Jewel just has "must be given strawberries to eat in at least one episode of the show" written into all her contracts. ;)

If she ate them all the way she ate the 'Firefly' strawberry then that's a clause I could totally get behind ;).
I can imagine an entire television series based on Jewel eating various foods in a similar manner to how she ate that strawberry, Saje. Might have to be on Showtime, mind you. ;)

I seem to remember that it was an interview concerning the 200th episode of SG-1 where Firefly came up. The episode was about Willie Garson's character, Martin Lloyd, making a movie version of his failed television series, Wormhole X-Treme.

Can't imagine why that would lead to a mention of Firefly...
That, or Jewel just has "must be given strawberries to eat in at least one episode of the show" written into all her contracts.

She didn't eat any strawberries in Wonderfalls. That really wasn't a strawberry-eating role, though.
electricspacegirl, thanks, of course I meant James in the Brainiac role in Smallville. Typing faster than I think as usual.
Before there was Dawn, there was Nona F. Mecklenberg in the greatest Nickelodeon show of all time.
Wow. I remember watching that show when I was little. Everytime I thought of Michelle Trachtenberg (before getting into Buffy in the last year or so), I'd think of Pete and Pete or Harriet the Spy.
I seem to see a nod to Firefly in almost all this season's Atlantis eps. Never sure if they are really there or if I am just projecting (much more likely a case).

I would be surprised if Michelle's Q scores weren't much higher than SMG's at this point. Michelle certainly seems to be in the press more often and in the limelight a whole lot more.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-12-08 00:23 ]
I'd say you were probably right, TamaraC. I've noticed Michelle's name mentioned in articles and stories at a good number of television and movie type sites over the last year or so but only the occasional SMG mention. Most of the SMG related ones were probably through articles posted here at Whedonesque too, thinking about it. Strange how fortunes change.
Sorry, saje, did not know you were limiting to S3 of House. FD shows up this year, S5.

I will not spoil anything for you, but I will say, I lurve Cutthroat Bitch. You'll see.
I have just caught on to the show "How I Met Your Mother" and as I was going back and watching the earlier seasons, I was really surprised by all the Whedonverse alumnus who have had guest spots. Its simply awesome. ;-)
Yeah, I definitely echo the sentiment that the Buffy gang doesn't need to be in big blockbuster-type entertainment to be successful. Maybe the only people that term should matter to, however, is them. Doesn't hurt though that we cheerlead them having long-lived and enjoyable careers.

Just one example, his issues notwithstanding, is how good Nick was in that Sci-Fi channel movie, Fire Serpent; he didn't slum but did a credible acting job and I enjoyed him in it, even though the movie itself was no great shakes. That's actually a plus for him continuing to get work, doing good work in B-movie projects. And Criminal Minds is great exposure.
Sorry, saje, did not know you were limiting to S3 of House. FD shows up this year, S5.

Oh I wasn't Dana5140. MissKittysMom said (in the post you were responding to) "So far (I'm early in season 3), there's been Tom Lenk, Adam Busch, Michelle Trachtenburg, and Claire Kramer.".

(i'm bang up to date myself and yep, I did indeed love CTB - who wouldn't ? ;)
Emma C as Starbuck or Nr 6? That would have been quite a different choice... interesting.
@MissKittysMom: I think the Buffy actors appearing on House probably has more to do with Fox than anything else. Often, a studio will bring in actors they've employed before, actors they know can deliver. It also provides a sense of comfort and familiarity for the actors. They've worked for this company before, often with many of the same production crew and on the same locations, so all of that can help their performance.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. It may just be a Veronica Mars kind of situation where the actors really love the show and want to be a part of it in some capacity. :)
Fox doesn't make House. Universal does.
Hmmm, how could I forget? Perhaps I meant to say network instead of studio. Either way, I just remembered that Joel Grey appears on the show as well. There's another actor from Buffy to add to the list. :)
And he played a Doc again too ;).

(good catch, forgot about him)
Of course I could whine about the list being too short, but why should I, really?
Not to support the silly article, but it does mention the Scooby Gang, and that's who the update is on.

I suppose they could include Marc Blucas, but he had his own gang.
I wonder if any actor/actress acting career was damaged (has a hard time getting a job) after working on a Joss Whedon show.
@Little Green Kid: I suppose it all depends on who you talk to. Some might say yes, others may vote no. It could be argued that some of these actors failed to escape their genre, supernatural TV trappings, which is why they're not big-name, award winning performers. Like I said, it's very subjective, so your mileage may vary. :)

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