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December 07 2008

Felicia Day is #46 of the Top 100 Twitterholics! She has more followers than Starbucks and Britney Spears! ( AND DrHorrible is ranked at #60.)

This site lists Twitter users by number of followers, and Ms. Day ranks in the Top 50 of the Top 100!

Just thought this was interesting, though I'm not sure if it'd be called news, so feel free to take it down if necessary. :)
Why would anybody follow Starbucks?
Why would anybody follow Starbucks?
I have no idea, but there must be some major coffee freaks out there.
I'd never heard of Twitter before I heard Felicia Day talking about it.

She's totally the geek's pin-up.
I'm 101st in my area. Woot? ;P
Well they should give credit for giving good twitter, because Felicia almost never posts unless she has something interesting to say! I used to follow Stephen Fry, but when he is bored he totally spams the twitter (burying all other posts beneath a ton of banality, okay that was too harsh, but he really can be verbose and whiny).

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Major coffee freaks don't buy Starbucks, they buy good coffee. ;)

ETA that I'm first in my location but only because no one else specifies their location in the form "The Portland of Oregon".

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I follow@feliciaday 'cause she keeps us updated on the status of @theguild & her other projects. I follow @stephenfry because he is a lovely, funny man.

At the moment, I'm ranked 13th in my area, (just above @BrianLynch at #14 ;>) but I'm inclined to believe it's because I have such a big mouth. I'm always shocked when someone I don't know decides to follow me, but I think I've lost as just as many followers over time as I've gained because of my expletives deleted. Sometimes I'm NSFW.
I'm fourth in my network/state in updates and 44th overall in terms of followers in my netowrk. Woot!

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I do find it funny that Shaq O'Neal has moved up to 44th in just 19 days of tweeting. I say by the end of next year he might be number 1.
I have no idea what Twitter is, but then I've managed to avoid all but a passing knowledge of MySpace and Facebook too, so that's not all that surprising. Whedonesque is about the only online community type site that I'm a member of.

That said, if Felicia Day and Stephen Fry choose to Twitter, then it can't be a bad thing.
Her updates are always funny, interesting and/or relevant. Her recent tipsy buying spree of romance novels with guys in kilts on the cover was comedy gold.
MC Hammer is a twitterer? Can't Twit This!
Felicia likes the idea of romance with guys in kilts? I'm so in!

Okay, never actually worn or even owned a kilt in my life but with a username like mine I've got to be in with a better chance than most. Plus, I've totally got the legs to pull off a kilt if necessary. ;)
Well, it's interesting and cool that Felicia and Dr. Horrible are up that high. I keep having the problem of random people following me and then @replying weird stuff to me so I end up blocking them. If you're killing my spirit, I''m gonna block you! That said, I love Twitter!
I love Twitter--the Whedonesquers I follow are often just as funny as the more famous folk, and at the same time, I use it as if it were an RSS feed to check out the headlines of the news blogs I read. It has become a sort of one-stop shop for me, and lately I've been forgetting to read the blogs I used to follow that don't have a Twitter feed.

(And I enjoy Stephen Fry's tweets, too, as well as Felicia's. And the recent kilt-romance novel thing was hilarious.)
I'm 13th in my area. I'm suspicious about the accuracy of location designations. Homer J. Simpson is ranked 6th in my area.
I don't feel so bad being 101st now that I recall just putting 'NY' as my location.
Felicia Day's tweets are funny. As are Wil Wheaton's. (And now Gregg Grundberg who seems to have a man crush on Wil. Good stuff. Good time killer.)
I think it is really sad Al Gore only has one single friend.

Anyway, cool for Felicia that she has that many followers (though her number of friends is still somewhat limited).
I think it is really sad Al Gore only has one single friend.

One followee. Which means what he sees when he logs in is frighteningly manageable. And, technically, that one followee is his Internet/television endeavor Current, so it's sort of like an ad for that.

He has over 20,000 followers.
Celebithil, it really isn't a matter of number of friends. They aren't "friends", they are people you follow. I'm not friends with, but I follow their tweets. I'm certainly not offended that doesn't follow me. You can only read (and keep up with) so many different people. Twitter isn't facebook and it operates differently. Al Gore only follows one other account, "current", which is his tv network. Many more people follow him and are interested in what he has to say, but there is no "friending" like in facebook.

Or what B!x said.

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The distinction between friends and followers/followees is important. Unlike many social networks, like Facebook, following on Twitter is not automatically and necessarily reciprocal. In other words, on FB both parties have to agree to be "friends". But on Twitter, you can follow anyone you want but they don't have to follow you in return. (They could, however, block you outright if they want to.)
I joined Twitter just to follow Felicia. Then I felt like a weird stalker, so I followed some other people. Sadly, all of my tweets are boring and mundane.
Yeah, is see a huge difference between friends and followers. It's nice to know what these people are up to or thinking, but I really don't see them as friends (and I'm sure the feel the same way towards me.) Also, it's cool to send them a quick tweet about something they said or something they might be interested in. I treat it like high-tech fan mail, and I never expect a response.
Wow, how did I manage to not know Brian Lynch uses Twitter?! Sweet!
Nice to see that Michael Buckly made the top 100. (even if it's just barely)
I have considered unfollowing everyone but Stephen Fry. *Bows before his godlike genius*

I no longer follow anything or anyone Whedon(esque)-related on Twitter. Mixing my friends/fandoms/interests/work-feeds doesn't work that well for me. So if I haven't responded to you lately, that's why. Sorry.
The nice thing about twiter is I feel more connected to friends around the world.
Giant Can of Tuna!
She's been #10 and #5 on that list (it changes frequently because of who looks people up).

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