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December 07 2008

(SPOILER) Cover for "Angel - After the Fall" #16. Alex Garner posts the cover for Angel: After the Fall #16 in his deviantArt gallery.

(This is the first time I've tried posting a link--I sincerely hope I did it properly!)

I think it's a fantastic likeness.
Okay, I'm really asking. That's a drawing?

Amazing cover! Not surprised that Alex has provided another stunning cover for the series. It almost looks like a photograph of David. The "dusting" effect looks awesome as well.
That is absolutely a drawing, yes. Done digitally, but a drawing.

How amazing is that, really? The minute I saw it, I thought "well we have our cover for volume 4 collected, I guess". It is just perfect.
Beautiful. 'Nuff said.
Okay, I'm really asking. That's a drawing?


My thoughts exactly. At first I thought, "ugh that's sort of a cop out using a picture of david I hate those kinds of covers." But then I blew it up and I could not tell at all whether it was a drawing or not!!

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Angel is pulling a Spike? I mean with the whole burning up thing. He doesn't look too upset about it either.

That said, I love this cover! Wonderful likeness.

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That's a gorgeous cover.
This is my favorite cover so far. Angel seems to be dying a lot in these...
@ShanshuBugaboo: Covers aren't always to do with the content of an issue
Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sounding repetitive, but can we start seeing some of these released as posters? God knows I would pay for this to be on my wall.
Alex has posted a close up of it here with info about how he went about creating it.
That's beautiful and amazing to look at. Love Alex Garner's covers. Pure love.
'Tis indeed a gorgeous rendition of DB's face. But to me, the hand looks out of proportion. In a huge, paw-like way. (But I'm picky.)
Lovely image. Just need Buffy in a wedding dress beside him :p.
Great cover!

Wait...I think Angel is thowing up a gang sign! I'm not caught up with the issues, did he join the Bloods?

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I think I love this guy. And the artist ain't bad either.
This is one of the best covers of either series. Alex Garner is a diamond in the making. I hope IDW keeps him around for Aftermath.
Alex Garner is as good as Jo Chen, thank you for getting him on board when you did! Gorgeous...
Wow! Love it! And I'd second the call to use that cover for the fourth hardback. It's more than worthy.
On the note of hardbacks, does anyone know if ATF is going to be ever collected in a big omnibus, one that'll really annoy me if I buy all the 4 paperbacks the week before it's announced?
Murphy declares it likely, Sparticus. But we tend to hear of these things months in advance here, so you might just evade him yet.

As to the cover...I'm just gonna forgo praise and keep staring at it in awe.
I don't buy the single issues so I won't mind if they do put out a complete collected edition of After the Fall. I'll buy the current hardback volumes to read and then get the complete edition as a collector's item, because it's bound to be worth the money.
I like it.The dusting effect reminds a little of the way it looks in the Blade films.

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That is iconic.

If you're a fan of the show(s), then you understand what you are looking at in about .1 seconds.

I need a high quality poster of that for my comic room...I hope they make it available. Any PTB know if thats on the way???
Blindingly good!
Wow -....just wow!
That really is just mind-bogglingly stunning.
The cover is stunning! A drawning? WOW!
What I don't like it's the greeting Angel is doing with his hand.... it sounds like saying goodbye to me and I so hope to be wrong about it.
I'm not saying this exact scene happens in the book, that would be weird, but if Angel WERE being dusted, waving good-bye is an okay response, no?
I love the wave. It's like he's saluting the audience - "That's all, folks!"
Much more flattering than going out in undignified agony, at any rate.
Beautiful cover. Excellent work.
Of course it would be an okay response waving good-bye, it was just my fear to see him dying for good this time.
Well... THAT is pretty badass.

Also, if After the Fall WERE to end with Angel dying for good, while sad, it would be a perfect finale. Not only that, but it would make sense.

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I'm reminded of the story "the Death of Superman" from about 1960 when Supergirl's existence was still a secret. In the last panel, after Luthor has been sent to the Phantom Zone, she and Krypto imagine they see him in the clouds, waving to them....

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