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December 08 2008

Buffy - The Complete DVD Collection is less than 49 pounds at That's 73% off!

Not sure if this is new news, or if it's been posted before (sorry if so) but OHMIGOD that's an exciting price!

Thanks Fangless :) - that's just been ordered. So, now I can finally donate all the videos next to the TV to the library! Also, for anyone else interested, Angel is 63% off too.
The Angel boxset is a quid cheaper.

BTW had to drop the sybmol from your headline as it knackers the RSS feed something chronic.
Hmm, tempted I must admit, just to have it (or parts of it) in widescreen for completion's sake.
Wow! That is cheap. Just got my Chosen collection last week from Amazon and it was $69--which is pretty much 49 pounds, right?

I love the way the collection stacks vertically so as to take up less space. I'm pleased with the design of the collection. Easy access and a small footprint.
Pretty close - $73.09 at the moment :).
Dammit, what happened to the good old days when it was just your economy that was in the toilet ;-).
It still is. News coming today that Diamond UK is going to raise all comic prices because of the plummeting pound/dollar exchange rate (a dollar is about 33% more expensive in terms of pounds at this point). Thanks for nothing, Gordon Brown.
Its funny that you say that Saje...I know you are just being your usual, witty self but in reality, it seems even fans of The Verse can be caught up in these "nationally inverted" thought processes. For example, it wasn't that long ago that the US government cafeteria made world headlines by changing the name of those delicious fried potatoes on their menu from french fries to freedom fries. French bashing was popular on all fronts...I remember French's Mustard Company issued a memo declaring that they really were an American company and had nothing to do with France per se. In fact, the memo went on to say that the ONLY thing in common was that they were both yellow. Pretty harsh!

I'm sure there are one or two places on the globe that feel a tiny, slight amount of anger towards the red, white and blue. I'm hopeful that its cyclical and not just a huge downward slope. Maybe with a new guy in charge things will lighten up.

And back on topic:
So the cover price on UK comics will go up just because our knuckle-heads in Washington and on Wall Street were greedy sobs? That doesn't seem very fair. (I guess we can always blame Canada.)

And now to get back on the actual topic:
Are those UK dvd's recorded in PAL format? Is that the big difference?
Oh totally kidding alexreager, i'd rather neither of our economies were in the toilet (though i'd be lying if I didn't admit it was really nice getting $2 to the pound, made purchases very cheap, even with shipping ;).

Yeah they'll be PAL and (AFAIK, so someone correct me if i'm wrong) the R2 DVDs are widescreen from season 4 onwards (and they probably won't have the extra disc of the roundtable). I know that's not how Joss wants us to view them but it's how I saw the last 4 seasons so i'm considering getting an R2 set (I already have the R1 'Chosen' set and agree it's really nice packaging) just to have the option.

(without getting into the whole pro/anti US thing BTW, I had to smile when I saw a headline in a free transit newspaper over here just after your election - it said "The Day America Became a Little Bit Cool Again". Remains to be seen whether it'll work out like that but the simple optimism of it just made me grin ;)
I'll say...the boxed set is probably only 5-6 pounds, overall (weight, not currency)!

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