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December 08 2008

Animated Wonder Woman film to debut at NYC Comic Con. Featuring the vocal talents of Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion.

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Ah man.

I saw the phrase "Animated Wonder Woman," and my fan-brain automatically made the leap from that to thinking this would be about an animated version of Joss's script being produced. Wishful thinking.

I love Nathan Fillion. I usually watch anything he's in, from PG Porn to Waitress (which is fantastic). But I just think "Wonder Woman" is the lamest superhero there is. Only one man could unlame her, in my opinion, and that's Joss. I pray, one day, that his script will help break those shackles of lame off of her glittery underwear slash costume. But until then, I'll catch Mr. Fillion in "Castle."
If Nathan is going to be at NYCC then I will be going. Please, dear god, let him be going!

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