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December 08 2008

2009 Writers Guild Awards Nominees Announced. Danny Strong is nominated by his peers for "Recount." Plus, lots of familiar names are up for their respective shows: Drew Goddard, Brian K. Vaughan, Marti Noxon, and Zack Whedon. Congratulations to them all!

I'm made up for Danny, I'd really enjoyed the script for Recount and I'd love to see him make it as a big-time writer.
I thought Recount was a very good, intelligent, script that made a good drama of a story we all knew the ending to. Hope he wins.
Marti Noxon is writing for Mad Men!? HUZZAH!

(I just started the show.)

Anyway. I don't think Lost should get a nom (maybe trade out for BSG, in spite of the truncated season, to keep in the genre cred?). And it'd be awesome for Dr. Horrible to get a nom for dramatic long form (since magazines are praising it). But I guess that's silly to expect. And I like the Dexter and Office eps they nominated, although I'd probably choose season four--but 2009--shows "Goodbye Toby" or "Dinner Party" or "Night Out" over "Crime Aid" (still my favourite of season five so far) for the latter. (What period of time does this cover, anyway? Wasn't "There's Something About Harry" last year for Dex?)

Oh, and go Danny!

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I was very happy that Lost was nominated. And As The World Turns, for that matter.

Danny should win. It was a great movie, and he obviously researched the heck out of it, then made it into a compelling, not at all dry, script.
Go, Danny, and Recount! And congrats to all the other writers we love, as well, for their nominations.
One of the most memorable pleasures of the DVD of Recount is listening to Danny's slightly mournful. woebegone baritone on the commentary track as he intelligently, and often humorously, discussed his story. It was like Jonathan finally made it big!

Good luck Danny!
And, of course, Brad Caleb Kane (Fringe) is also known to Whedon fans: He's the same Brad Kane that was Tucker Wells, and Jonathan's singing voice...

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