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December 08 2008

Dr. Horrible makes Time Magazine's Top 10 list for best TV show of 2008. "Cramming hilarity, heartbreak and high notes into a half-hour, it reminded us that no labor dispute can keep a genius from using his powers for Evil, and for good."

I always thought of it as a short film, myself.
It's clearly a mushortio, it bears all the hallmarks of the medium. In fact, I don't think "paragon of mushortio-ness" is going too far.
It is, without question, the finest mushortio ever made.

Will this be in the paper edition?
The little mushortio that could! Bravo.

(OT: in the links below there is a page where one can submit questions to Viggo Mortensen.)
When pontificating on its awesomeness to the uninitiated (and unwary), I say it's a short musical film that was released on the internet. The election was not so good for tv.
I love that Chuck is on the list, too. <3
It made New York Magazines "Top Ten TV Shows" list, coming in at #7 (link)
A forty-minute web series makes it onto top ten lists for TV shows. Well deserved, but not at all expected. (It's my number one TV/web event of the year.)

The election was appropriate, although in a way I think I'd rather see The Daily Show get its spot. Or "The Tina Fey as Sarah Palin segments from Saturday Night Live"--no need to honour the entire show....

Anyway. Lost shouldn't be on there, but BSG is deserving, and from the New York list, The Office and Dexter are. I don't watch many of the other shows (yet), although I just started catching up on the terrific Mad Men, and am happy to see it on both lists.

But yeah, go Horrible!
Lost should totally be on there.
I liked the fact that NPH is in two shows on New York Magazine's list. And I agree BSG is deserving, but I also think Lost should be there. But, [potential Lost spoiler for those who have not seen the last season]
I'm still not sure how something made for and released on the Internet is TV. Last time I checked, TV stands for television, and this was never televised.

Top ten things on a TV-like screen?

Yes, Lost should be there.
Well I guess Lost-wise I'm outvoted :P. Palehorse, I think that really is , sadly.
Yeah if you have to put it in either the category of TV or film, I'd definitely say film. I think the only reason some people call it TV at all is because Joss is better known as a TV writer.
A web musical honored by Time? This makes Joss the Biggest Damn Hero yet!
And about whether Dr. Horrible was really "televised," that term has changed in 2008, thanks to YouTube, Hulu and other video sites. Once Neilsen counts that in the ratings, that makes it official.
think the only reason some people call it TV at all is because Joss is better known as a TV writer.

Also, the computer monitor looks like a TV. :)
Good to see Dr Horrible getting some lovin', even if I do disagree with some of their choices. I know you're never going to agree with a list completely but in their Top 10 movies they put Iron Man as the only comic book movie.

They said it was better than the Dark Knight. Now, that just struck me as....completely out of left field. I enjoyed Iron Man, but I thought it was completely dependant on Robert Downey Jr. I just thought the Dark Knight was obviously a better movie.

Anyway, that's off topic. Go Horrible.
FYI, FWIW, I purchased Dr. Horrible on iTunes and haved watched it on my television at home via my Apple TV, at my parent's television via WiFi from my laptop to their Apple TV, and also in my classroom via my iPhone connected to a video projector (which is more like seeing it in a movie theater.)

It's not just for Hulu, though I would estimate that the predominant majority of viewers watch it via their web browser. It is a sing-along blog, after all.

ETA from my laptop

[ edited by napua on 2008-12-09 04:23 ]
They might've been pressed to properly categorize it, but Good to see the Horrible-ness make the list. Also loved that WALL*E was the #1 Movie. Off-Topic though it might be, i think WALL*E was the best Browncoat Movie this year...

"Earth that was could no longer sustain our Numbers,
we were so Messy", and...

"Have you ever Been with a warrior-woman?" lol long have the dvd and cd been "Temporarily out of stock"?
The 'TV' was the first thing that caught my eye; if it's so "TV" I wish one of the networks would ask to show it, maybe IFC?

And re Lost's last season, I think the reason
I just want to complain for a moment about New York Magazines comments on the third season of Dexter. The series is better than ever, and I don't understand how anyone can say it's lacking in comparison to the previous seasons.

Also, I really need to start watching Mad Men. I watched the pilot, and that was good, but I got caught under a lot of other shows I was already watching. Not to mention schoolwork, but luckily that's all taken care of now.

Oh, and yay Dr. Horrible.
hacksaway | December 09, 04:56 CET
" long have the dvd and cd been "Temporarily out of stock"? "

My Amazon still says pre-order. I had to click on amazon link button to say it wasn't me and then I get the Out of Stock and order it and we will tell you when it is available.
It's not giving me an out of stock error no matter how I look at it.
Unsigned in at

Amazon search for Dr. Horrible

Now it is only showing up on the CD. Swear the DVD said Not in Stock too. Didn't take a snapshot though.

"Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available"
When I click on the CD and go to the page, it now says preorder.

Getting same Not in Stock on CD search page only now. Aol and IE.
I don't get an "out of stock" message for either when I'm not signed in.
Looking at the search page I linked to. The CD is number 3. Seems to only show on the search page now. I tried Ctrl f5 etc.

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog by Various Artists and Various (Audio CD - Dec 15, 2008)
Buy new: $11.99 $9.99
Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping."
Yeah, I definitely view "Dr. Horrible" as a short film, but hell, a win is a win! If they wanted to name the thing "Best Banana of 2008," I'd be at the celebration party. I loves me some Dr. H.
Deleted temporary Internet files and and DVD and CD say Pre-order on Search page. All better now...that was scary for a bit.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-12-09 06:30 ]
It's showing back to normal for me again too. Just so I don't seem crazy though, here's a screenshot. I just thought it was odd.
I just hope it doesn't come back.
Yay Dr. Horrible!
It's in the difficult Better Than Anything On TV Because the Moguls Who Decide What's on TV Would Not Have Approved It Which Was One of the Reasons It Was Made in the First Place category.

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