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"2010, I think. We don't know how long we've been off the air."
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December 08 2008

"Your comfort zone lies in your hair." Eliza's quoting of Joss continues: "[A]nd I am going to take you out of your comfort zone as much as I can in this show." Another interview with Eliza discussing Dollhouse (and Nobel Son).

Mega interesting:

I hope that works out.
Yeah, that caught my eye, too.
Re: Invisible Spoiler Text:

Too "racy" for Fox?


I'd wager that "too political and thought-provoking" is more like it.

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Thanks for the link, bix!

It's interesting to see Eliza opening up a bit about being able to be vulnerable in roles after acting for so many years. She definitely gave Faith a certain amount of vulnerability. I can't wait to see how she lets go as Echo and as City Hall.

And I would LOVE to see what 'Dollhouse' would do with that idea in the invisible text.
Hes going to take her out of her hair?
Does Eliza really have ADHD? I've noticed she's been jokingly referring to her "ADHD personality", but is it only a metaphor for her being full of energy and constantly in a happy mood, or is it actually true? Does anybody know? It's not über important, I'm just wondering :P.

If she does have it, it's great that she's so open about it!

And if she doesn't, from now on, consider me "the Guy Who Does Not Get a Joke" >.<
It says a lot about Joss that upon figuring out something about his lead, the thought isn't even complete before he's made messing with the thing a top priority.

The Buffy stunt coordinator! Best news in awhile.
Hair, huh? Has he given up on feet?
The same stunt coordinator was on both shows? Then why were the stunts on Angel so much more awesome? I’m confused but happy.
The more Joss takes Eliza out of her comfort zone, the better television she will make. Good storytelling comes from uncomfortable places.

Remember Faith when she tortured Wesley, when she tried to kill Angel? Remember how she went from sociopath to a meltdown in Angel's arms, begging him to kill her? Those scenes dwell way outside the normal, comfortable, safe television themes, and they are precisely why I love that episode so. Joss broke Faith, and then he brought her back, eventually repentant and wiser.

Let's hope Dollhouse has more of those memorable moments. Something tells me Echo is in for a wild ride.

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