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December 09 2008

Stephen Mooney posts a cover. It's for an unknown project.

Turns out, the "Illyria: Before the Aftermath" bit was a joke, and that this isn't for a miniseries centered around Illyria, but rather an unknown Angel project.

This isn't spoilery? I think based on the title, we get an idea of when this is set... which, in itself, seeing who the series is about... is a spoiler.
If it gave specific plot details about the issues then I think it would be spoilery. But I would view the title in the same way as Spike: After The Fall or Wesley: In Between The Covers. It's a referral to an vague date with no indictation to Illyria's fate one way or another.
I don't know. I mean, when "Spike: After the Fall" was announced as a prequel, we had already seen him in "After the Fall." But with this, titled "Before the Aftermath," it seems to bridge those two series. And the cover is Illyria in Fred's in tact body. I don't know. I just think that, if I were a spoiler-phobe, I'd be a bit ruffled at seeing that title and image.

But either way, it's a great cover, no? One of Mooney's best.
If that is the actual title and cover image thenit's about as spoilerish as any book with a title and a cover image, I would think.
Quite. Can't wait to learn more about this. They've been doing such a good job with the ANGEL title, that I'm pretty much down for anything they want to do at this point.
I wonder who is writing it. Also wouldn't mind see Ben Templesmith being involved with the Angel titles at some stage.
Sounds neat, regardless of the spoiler-cifics of the gorgeous cover. I'm definitely up for it.
I don't think that's the title.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Stephen's joking.
Yeah,if you go by that title than this would give away Illyria's fate somewhat in regards to ATF?

Wonder who is writing this?
Is this official canon? That's what I'd like to know.
We have a moratorium on the canon issue. It'll be reviewed later at some stage in the fullness of time. But for now, canon is a dead topic.
If it's before the aftermath, is it during the math?
I hope the name is a joke, if for no other reason than because it feels like a double-negative, which, after canceling everything out, leaves us with "Illyria: The Math". Though, admittedly, that could make her even more threatening for some of us (and Xander).
Since Spike found her right after the alley fight, it would be an awfully short book. :)
The actual title could be "Illyria: Long Division". That even makes sense.
I love the cover. And I'm all for Illyria being pissed. >)

Actually, Eric_Curtis, the title (IF IT WERE REAL), would indicate that it'd come after "After the Fall" & before "Aftermath". Right?
Ugh..You're right korkster. I need some more coffee.
the title (IF IT WERE REAL), would indicate that it'd come after "After the Fall" & before "Aftermath".

Illyria: The Sandwich!
Better still (and even more terrifying), as long as we're going with ominous math:

"Illyria: The Sandwich Theorem"

(Why yes, my calculus final is today.)
I do love Illyria, so I'm all for this... do we have a publishing date so I can give my comic book store a head's up? And that title... 'Illyria: before the Aftermath but After the Big Battle But maybe while Wesley was sleeping?' would be hard to pre-order.
What about...

"Integral Illyria!"
"Illyria: The Derivatives"
"Illyria: The World is Too Small for SanDwiches Worthy of my Presence"
"Illyria: Math is your Mewling Muck's Way to Rationalize my God-Like Status"
"Illyria: The Female Smurf Turned Feminist!"

Or, my favorite:

"Illyria: That Bridge is Beneath the Scum that Feeds the Muck at my Feet"

ETA: 'Cuz, "SUPPOSEDLY", sandwiches has a "D" in it.

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Oh man. I feel awful. This is kinda a false alarm folks -entirely my bad.
Here's the explanation from my blog:

'Um. Crap. I'm not really working on an Illyria mini-series, I just made that title up cos I thought it was kinda funny. I thought it sounded like an obvious joke title, but I guess not. I feel bad... This image is indeed from one of the three issues to my new book, but it's not really an Illyria-specific tale. My bad. Sorry for re-shitting your day Pat.'

I think I broke the internet.
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Hey lookit, I write in Purple! Man, now I feel even worse...
Ah, no, Stephen Mooney, Purple! is supposed to make you feel good. And we all have a bit of a sense of humor. (Even if I didn't get it, I'm okay.)

The only downer is that now I can't make up silly movie to combat against the imaginary series of Illyria that you're not writing.

Ah, well. LOVELY ART! :)
No need to apologize to me, man! I got through the 'day-from-hell' alive, and still have an awesome Illyria image to look at.
Now I have this image of Illyria crushing a calculator in her hand. Illyria: During the Math hehe!
Hey lookit, I write in Purple! Man, now I feel even worse...

No don't. It's cause you worked on After The Fall and it was a wedding present from us as well.
Well it's much appreciated, if not a little undeserved! Thanks man.
Well no-one has commented on the obvious fact that it is an comic adaptation of 'Not Fade Away'

Am I right Stephen?:) Awesome if it is!
Give that man a prize.
Email me a photo, I'll see what I can do...

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