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December 09 2008

Jane Espenson Bids Her Gentle Readers Farewell, Not Goodbye. Ms. Espenson regrets to inform us that she has said just about everything she (thinks she) has to say about television writing.

This post reflects Ms. E's customary grace, consideration and striking humility.

Well now is when she moves on to the personal stuff! Food, fashion, perhaps a bit of bitching about life in general *g*
This is genuinely depressing. I understand her reasons, but I've really enjoyed the blog simply for the selfish pleasure of reading something she's written that is current and personal.

Oh well. *Breathes and lets out mournful sigh.*
You're right Pumps. That's something I'd be willing to read, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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I need to go back and start reading her blogs on writing. Just haven't had time. I love Jane's attitude: "As I continue to learn how to write ..." As if, Jane, but I get you.
Much as I'm sorry to see her (essentially) close up her writing blog shop - I've loved her writing advice, which is usually good living advice, too - I think it's smart to acknowledge when you've tapped a particular vein, and formally move on... giving everybody involved some closure.

It's been clear that time and other factors have slowed her posts way down, and it's just fine to close a door and open another. But it sucks. ; <

And, hells yeah, I'd read whatever Jane wrote about whatever, whenever. I hope she does get a book out of her blog, but meanwhile, if she wants to just post now and then about whatever occurs to her, I'd much rather read her stray ramblings than many another blogger's carefully-constructed posts.

I just like The Jane Perspective.

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I feel ashamed to admit I have only read a few entries in her blog, which means that I am in a better position than a lot of people here: I can discover all her advice anew.

But yes, Jane is a class act.
Aww no. I did notice the drop in frequency but I just assumed it was because she was pleasingly busy. Bloody buggering shite. Still, like the man said, you gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away ... ;).

I'll miss her lunches.
I'll miss her lunches.

If she comes to Twitter, she can tweet us her lunches.
Her mustard cheese sandwich idea is not like the grilled cheese mimic she advertised, but quite tasty nonetheless.
yeah, it's too bad. I've learned a ton about writing for TV from reading her blog (and watching a bunch of TV). But if she's outta stuff, she's outta stuff (for now). Better to end on a high note than prolong the dissipation, really.
I reconsidered some dialog based on her advice about balancing humor and drama. I believe it made for a better scene in my novel, one with more impact than what I'd originally penned.

So, thanks Jane! Have fun and keep busy.
I was hoping she would start blogging the inside scoop about 'Dollhouse' and what it is like to work w/Joss & his brothers. *disappointed*
Well, since she's moving over to Dollhouse, hopefully it'll inspire her to take notes to blog to us later. ;)

ETA: embers & I had the same idea. But I was slow.

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Maybe she's about to launch Dollhouse Gossip From An Anonymous Insider Who Is In No Way Jane Espenson But Eats Interesting Things.
No, because is still available.
I'll miss Jane's perspective. But I'm hoping the strange new world of Dollhouse, for which she'll have to write many many scripts over the next five years, will bring new ideas to mind that she's just dying to share.
Don't forget her BSG webisodes begin Friday, two per week until the show returns.
She'd call it Inside The Dollhouse for short. I mean, duh.
Sad to see her posts ending, I have learned so much from them, but better to go out on a high.

When I hit the big time as a writer I'll start a blog just like it. Except I'll give out terrible advice. Partly because I'm English and therefore evil but mainly because I want to make sure the competition fails miserably.

Jane of course is one of the nice guys and is talented enough that she doesn't have to worry about the competition.
Awww, that's too bad. And also: typical that now I see I could've subscribed to e-mail updates for her blog (I don't use feed-readers)... I used to check in once a month or so and read bunches of entries in a row ;).

Still, I'll miss Jane's blogs. I don't write (well, not fiction anyway), but her insight into the creative process was a lot of fun, even for outsiders interested in the process of writing television. I hope she does write that book. I'd definately buy it.
Really enjoyed her blog posts, and I'm going to miss them. Hopefully she'll still frequently drop by to say whatever, though. She is such an interesting voice.
Awww,that's a shame. I love her blog. It's always so interesting and full of advice.
and like Saje,I'll miss her lunches.
I want to thank Jane for an incredible few years. Really helpful and insightful stuff there. She's my hero!
No, because is still available.

Damn, b!X. Sometimes you're just plain brilliant. I hope Jane goes and gets that Domain.
I love reading Jane's blog, even though I don't get to it every day. I hope she does continue to post whatever she feels like talking about, even if it's only once a week.
I'll miss her blog but I'm sure we'll hear more from her. That, and everything QuoterGal said.

Reading JiP would sometimes flash me back to sections of A Prisoner of Trebekistan. Jane seems like such a decent, in-the-moment, un-angry person. More down to earth than most smart-as-hell people I know.
Thats sad. Her blog was like a security blanket for me. Reading that always gave me a good fealing. And she of course had that previously mentioned "Jane perspective".
samatwitch: I hope she does continue to post whatever she feels like talking about, even if it's only once a week.

At the very least, a weekly post about what she had for lunch the previous seven days. Her lunch comments are the spice that go with her writing advice.
Oh, man, this makes me so bummed! :(
This is sad news indeed.

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