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December 09 2008

People's Choice - Vote for Dr. Horrible. Saw this the other day, and it seems to have slipped through the cracks. Most of the categories are closed, but they made one for on line sensation and the Dr. is nominated. Vote now. Vote often.

Up against Paris Hilton, Kobe Bryant, Pork and Beans, and Dance Revolution 2. Well, that's a no brainer for me. Voted.

ETA: I don't really like any of the choices for cancelled show that deserves a second chance. I mean, I watch MOWE but... how did they come up with this particular set?

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Paris' video was great, but it doesn't compare to Dr. Horrible.
I voted for Dr. Horrible, it was an easy decision, but I absolutely love Pork and Beans. I love the song and viddy, but not as much as Dr. Horrible.
NYPinTA, I think they were all shows that started this season and have already been canceled.
It looks like you can only vote once a day.
I sure hope the good Dr. wins this one.

I hadn't seen the 2nd part of the Paris Hilton bit, with Martin Sheen. Funny stuff. "America was at its best when it was on NBC."

And yeah, what's up with those canceled shows? I don't miss any of them, since I missed all of them the first time around.
Aaand, voted :). Wasn't much of a contest, although like others, I did like the paris hilton video. A funny piece of campaign history.
Easy decision. :)
Pork and Beans is phenomenal, but Horrible is better still.
I can't believe Fred got nominated for User Generated Content. I didn't know that the People's Choice is now the equivilent of the Razzies.
Uh, I tried four times but the security code is unreadable. Can't tell what the letters are because they are all squiggly. Anyone else have this problem?
Yes, spikeangellover, I had to try a couple of times. I can never decipher those security codes.
Clearly you're a computer.

I voted once but I'm not going to bother voting multiple times, because the slow-loading flash gets on my nerves too much.
Just got via Dr Horrible newsletter:

Dear Horrible Fans, Hammer Groupies, Penny-Savers, Bad Ponies, Fake Thomas Jefferson's Axe of Congress and of course the Towelettes,

It has been brought to our attention that some of you have been using your powers for good. This we can not forgive! Your fierce and effluvia-removing punishment can only be forestalled by quick and decisive action: Vote for Dr. Horrible on the People's Choice awards site (under "Favorite Online Sensation"). Every day. This is the kind of exposure that will allow the doctor to continue his reign of hummable terror. The time is now! Actually, the time is always now. Like, right now - still now. Hmmm. Neat.

Fear us! Vote! Kisses! -Team Horrible.

Fake Thomas Jefferson's Axe of Congress

Oh, man, tell me this is a real thing he uses.
On my computer/browser, there is a line that starts and goes through all the letters of the security code. I thought it was a letter itself but it isn't a letter. So try to igore the line.

Hope that helps.

Voted! Off to spread the news about the vote!
How do I get signed up to receive Dr. Horrible newsletters?? Is there something totally obvious I missed on the official site?
You mean like the "Join Our Mailing List" thing at the bottom of the site?
Yup, that would be it. Thanks :)

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