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December 10 2008 set dates for BSG webisodes written by Jane Espenson. Titled "The Face of the enemy", the webisodes will debut on December 12th with 2 episodes every week.

I can't wait for my BSG fix!!!
Should be interesting to see what this one is all about. I've really enjoyed the previous two webisode campaigns/episodes (whatever you want to call them). Jane really seems to be the go-to girl for BSG these days.
I wasn't a big fan of the "Razor" webisodes (and I like Michael Taylor's writing a lot), although the "Resistance" ones had their moments. But if the spoilers I've read are correct, these actually deal with , so there should be some meat for Jane to work with. ()
Any word on whether these will actually be viewable internationally?
Bob, maybe a clearer question, will these be made available for non-filesharing international viewers ?

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I'm trying to remember if Sky One in the UK had previous webisodes on their site. I don't think they did but I could be wrong.
Not that I recall, Simon. I ended up viewing them on YouTube though, about an hour or so after they had been made available on the Sci Fi site, so it's not exactly going to be hard to see these new ones either, I wouldn't think.
Great. I'm aching to see some new BSG again.
I didn't follow the Razor webisodes, but I do remember the Resistance, not being available for people outside of the US.
Aaah. That's better. :)

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