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December 10 2008

The best license plate ever. Do the drive of joy.

Shame, we can't do these kind of customization to our license plate down here. heh.
I can't clearly read the plate, from the photo. It seems to read NIUMFAR. If so, somebody else got NUMFAR first.

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Looks like NUMFAR to me...
Yep, it's NUMFAR (you can click the image to see an enlarged version). Right now the car's owner, Nigel Ulric Mfar is probably a bit puzzled by all the attention.

And what a very cosmopolitan site this is, even the tags are trans-Atlantic ;).
We like to go that little bit extra.
It's not "DEMORGAN" so I don't know how it's the best ever, awesome, yes, but best, not so much.
I sadly admit I do not know what NUMFAR stands for. Please to enlighten me.

And my plate says BRNCOAT, if that will make up for my NUMFAR ignorance.
Numfar was the character on Angel (during the 'in Pylea' mini arc) as played by the one and only Mr Joss Whedon. He's famous for "doing the dance of joy".
Madmolly, Numfar was a character in an alternate demon univers in Angel, best known for being portrayed by an unknown actor by the name of J Whedon. (Who while in heavy makeup got funny looks for daring to sit in one of the producer chairs on set)
After I posted that item I considered submitting it to Whedonesque, but didn't think it was "significant" enough. I'm glad someone disagreed.

Virginia has more custom plates than any other state - 16% of us choose them, probably because it's only another $5 a year and very easy to select and see what's available.

The NUMFAR one made me happy, but this continues to be my favorite.
Illinois has a lower percentage (13.4%) of population with vanity plates, but the highest number of total people with them. This has been your Useless Factoid of the Daytm.
zz9 - Whedon also didn't tell most of the cast, in particular the ones in the same scene. Wikipedia has an amusing quote from Andy Hallett about it which is sourced from this article. Apparently Whedon revealed it by yelling CUT! at the end of the scene.
I must confess that my recently acquired California plate reads: GR ARRGG

OMG, phearlez that Virginia plate is a riot, and Spikesgurl I'm proud of you for getting GR ARRGG, but madmolly I'm not sure that BRNCOAT makes up for not knowing about one of Joss Whedon's two big on screen credits (the second was on Veronica Mars).

Somehow in all these years of not getting vanity plates it never even occurred to me to go to obscure Whedonesque references. Has anyone taken MOIST?
Utterly awesome. If I ever got a personalized plate (if I ever have a car again ...) I would have a word or name that's obscure to the rest of the world that only a Whedon fan would know. Too many vanity plates draw (possibly) too much unwanted attention. I'd rather have one that I drive around smiling to myself about and be left alone for the most part.

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I am humbled. I am now off to Netflix the whole series of ANGEL.
phearlz, I can see why that is your favourite. It is excellent. I like the Numfar one because it is subtle.
Oh man! I want a whedonesque vanity plate, but, alas, I am a spoiled brat and my dad pays for everything car-related (except gas) and he would laugh in my face if I brought that up. Well, eventually I'll be all growed-up (soonish actually, I graduate this year) and will pay for everything myself (plus school loans, joy!). So I probs won't be able to afford vanity plates.
A couple weeks ago, I saw the exact car I have but with the license plate GRRARGG. I was so jealous.
Hm. One wonders if SoddingNancyTribe has a license plate that is a shorter version since it's too many letters.
I've seen 2 different awesome plates recently. There was this one at the recent Creation Firefly con. And then this one at the San Diego Rocket Race. Two different fandoms, but both are very cool.
suinegagpf posted on the OB that he spotted a GRR ARGH plate just recently in Milwaukee.

I'm yet to hear of any fandom related vanity plates in Australia.
Somewhere I have a picture of a license plate of a car that was parked at the James Marsters concert on Long Island that said, "SPANGEL".

I laughed.
Well. Apparently California DMV no longer just has a database where you can plug a name in and see if someone else already has it. I started an order at their site but I'm not sure getting to the payment page even means the plate is available. Darn it. Would have been lunchtime fun.
I still like my license plate the best. It reads: 5-BY-5

Seriously...ask Tim Minear.....or Jane Espenson.

I was stuck in traffic next to a car a few weeks ago with a vanity plate that was a variation on Hostile 17, Spike's Initiative name. I knew it was true due to other Whedony stickers on the car. I tried to get the driver's attention to say hi, but failed. If you are out there Hostile 17 driver near Benicia CA, I saw you!
My plates read GACHNAR. It goes well with my vampire fish.
My wife and I have had GRR ARGH on one of our cars for several years now. We've just gotten a new Pontiac Solstice and we're working on ideas for a plate with SOL (as in "soul") in it somehow.

(Sol = Sun in Portuguese)
We think SOLMATE is already taken here (but I'm going to check to be sure). Also considering SOLSRCH.
Lame. I want one now.

(Lame in I can't afford one. Or am clever enough to come up with one.)

Love the GACHNAR one. "Fear me!!!" *squish*
Here is a GRR ARGH in motion.
Hey, that's an Acadia. That's what WE have. Weird...

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