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December 10 2008

(First?) Dr. Horrible DVD review. A review of the DVD from Newteevee. Includes quotes from Commentary!

Also, very very positive. So, hooray!

Easter eggs, eh? I've never been one for poking around in the menus looking for these things: I just stick to the simple device of loading the DVD in my player and just moving through the different titles each in turn.
I just let the fine posters of Whedonesque find the easter eggs for me.
This review just whets my appetite for the DVD and the commentary. I'm so looking forward to this. (But, yes, I'll also let fellow Whedonesquers alert me to easter eggs. I hate the process of finding them.)
Sheesh! Have you guys/gals even found the Easter Egg :)?
Can you explain that one to me, zeitgeist? I always, ALWAYS click it when I wanna go to the homepage, and it confuses me so much.
This just occured to me... the screening at the Paley is the same day the DVDs are supposed to start shipping from Amazon. Do you think they'll have some for sale?
Ooh, I have just found it for the first time.
I can't believe that we're getting a whole other musical. I mean, I've known it since it was announced, but this review made it seem more real and even cooler, if possible. You know someone will transcribe the lyrics for it within the first day or two of release.

I'm all about the easter eggs. I'm going to be rabidly hunting them down. Rabidly! I expect to find one about a certain personage in disguise. That's right, I'm not letting that loopy supposition go until I absolutely have to.

I've long loved the whedoneque easter egg. Marvelously random 'tis.

Edited to add: Funny that the review didn't mention a regular, non-musical commentary. I could have sworn I've read that there was going to be one of those, too.

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Okay... where am I supposed to click for this easter egg? I feel silly now.

ETA: Found it! How very odd.

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Not sure why I've been waiting, but the DVD is definately on pre-order now.

And what's this "Whedonesque" that people keep talking about?
You'll be "rabbitly" hunting them down?
"Rabbitly." Oh, well done! I hate myself for not thinking of that first.
Sheesh! Have you guys/gals even found the Easter Egg :)?
Yeah, and it scared the crap out of me the first time I hit it (same as Jobo, I accidentally came across it while trying to get to the homepage).
Have you guys/gals even found the Easter Egg

Not until just now. I'm surprised I found it in under a minute, since I'm notoriously incompetent at finding them on DVD's.
OK. What's the trick? I've clicked on just about everything and found no Easter egg.
Sadly no I have not found the easter egg, been reading it for years, only a member for 6 months or so, closed registering and all.
I am happy to say I have pre-ordered it and am excited for this so I can finally show the Doc to friends everywhere not just near an internet connection or on my iPhone.
:edit: nevermind found it

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Nice review. Really makes me look forward to the DVD, it's gonna be a long wait.

Luckily the news of an easter egg here brought some distraction. Took me some time to find it. Then again it would have been 4 or more years anyway, those few minutes don't make the difference.

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Groupie #1 sings "No One Is Asian in the Movies"--yes! Reminds me of the mock preview in Grindhouse in which . (The movie, FWIW, has some kickass woman characters.
Appetite seriously whetted. Hmmm. Maybe I need to give this to even more people for xmas.
I am lame and incompetent re: Whedonesque easter egg :(

I have never discovered an easter egg on anything or even looked for one really.

Does one just randomly click and right-click on different parts of the page?
Can you explain that one to me, zeitgeist?

I've said too much already! Oh noz!

pillboxed - one could do that, sure.
I keep clicking, and I can't find it. I feel inept.
I'm not going to waste my time. There's something on the site I don't know about, and I guess I never will.
Nebula1400, I don't usually bother with Easter eggs because I cannot stand wasting the time. However, if you check out what people say earlier in the thread about how they ran across the one on Whedonesque, it won't take long to find. (We are talking seconds or minutes at the most.)

I have not ordered, but this has convinced me to get off my butt and do it...when I get home. Damn. Now I just have to remember until I get home. (I am so lame these days.)
I'm geek enough to have read the source code, in order to find the easter egg. And also some hidden Shakespearean verse... A Midsummer Night's Dream, if I'm not mistaken.
I did NOT get that whedonesque-easteregg. I want an explanation. Where is it from? (Oh,and it only took me seconds to find it. Seriously. It aint difficult).
I had found the WHEDONesque easter egg long ago, on my PC, but since getting my iMac it seems to be illusive, I wonder if it doesn't come up as easily w/Safari?

Anyway I am THRILLED and excited and I cannot wait to get my precious DVDs!
You people will always be cooler than me. I can't find the Easter Egg even with hints.
Don't be discouraged, DisChunk (criminally easy reference coming up)

Still don't know what it's all about though. Talk about this particular easter egg has popped up in previous threads here on the black and... I still don't quite get it :).

Also: Commentary! sounds like huge heaps of fun. Have the DVD's shipped yet? ;)
Thanks for that hint, ,GVH. I was starting to think that this Whedonesque easter egg thing was something of a snipe hunt.
Yay, I found the easter egg! ....But I don't get it.
My explanation for the whedonesque egg? It evokes those funny Wolfram & Hart employees (one of whom was played by David Fury) doing a sacrifice in one of the opening segments of Angel. Can't remember which season - probably Two. A tenuous link, you say? Well, yes. But it's what I always think of, so there you go. Or perhaps the egg is just the mods going all Dada on our asses.
Found it. I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of time searching for it. though.

Also found:
If we shadows have offended,
think but this, and all is mended,
that you have but slumber'd here
while these visions did appear

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Well the question re. subtitles on the dvd seems to have been answered.
Special Features:

Commentary! The Musical
Commentary by the cast and crew
Evil League of Evil application videos
Making-of featurettes
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese

Pat Rothfuss (Whedon fanboy/brilliant writer) is raising money right now for Heifer Intl. To get people to donate, he has gathered some very cool swag to give away, one of them a signed Horrible poster by Fillion, NPH & "The Queen of the Geeks" Ms. Day.

Only one day left...
Did the CD page on Amazon always say:
Liner notes include lyrics, production photos, and a special note from Joss Whedon.

I don't think so, but then I was too busy rushing towards the light Buy Now button.

I know I bumped into the easter egg accidentally once upon a time but I too am now failing to find it in Safari.
That was great fun. I want to go easter egg hunting again! This time with real chocolate, please zeitgeist, please?
I dunno if you know this, but its physically impossible for me to hide actually chocolate on the site. I can link to some of my favorite swanky chocolatiers, sure...
Skittledog, I was wrong about the problem being safari, the problem lies in not being very specifically clicking where GVH hinted in the above post.
Maybe this has already been listed somewhere (as no one seems to be talking about it here) but what happened with the ELE apps? Which were picked?!
Buy the DVD and find out ;)!
klavo, if you read the linked review you'll notice they're obviously trying to keep that a surprise.
zeitgeist, isn't it time to add MORE eggs?

That "egg" scared the sh!t out of me! I had the volume on too high, headphones on. I think it's a way for the mods to be evil.

Wanting to buy more DVDs, thinking about getting the CDs, but not sure how I can afford more. :(

Can't wait for the Commentary! :)
Hmmm. I don't think I have run across Midsummer Night's Dream.
zeitgeist: "I dunno if you know this, but its physically impossible for me to hide actually chocolate on the site. I can link to some of my favorite swanky chocolatiers, sure..."

Yeah, I don't really get this, z. - I just don't think you're trying hard enough. I'm pretty sure there's a way to code this, if you really wanted to. Shakespeare is great and all, but when it comes right down to it, nothing says "We love our members" like a great big hidden hunk o' chocolate.

I don't think it's too much to ask. I post here every day, and it's really inconvenient for me to have to leave the site and go outside to a store and actually buy my own chocolate.

Disgruntled on the Internet
That's ludicrous. Furthermore, I assure you that if you go looking for free chocolate here you won't find any. Ahem. Probably. Well, you probably could if you are clever about it.
Zeitgeist, that would make a pretty nice wallpaper... I wonder if it would satisfy cravings or make them worse?
:) I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about as I've now made it harder to find. That is, if it had actually existed to begin with, which it didn't. No telling, embers.
I'm with QG. If we've been here 5 years, or *cough*6 month*cough*, we should be entitled to some appreciative chocolate. Or, you know, some coffee would go a long way to keep the members up to date on the black. ;)

Wait a minute. Am I missing something? Spill, embers! Don't let the mod beat you down! *raises fist*
Oooops. *looks around guiltily.*

Um, I may or may not have already snitched a piece before you may or may not have moved the possibly-extant box, z. - sorry.

Here - I'll put it back.

There, now.

*wipes possibly-corporeal chocolate off hand and onto monitor.*
:) Thank you Portland, we are the Possibly-Corporeal Chocolates... you may know us by our other name, Murder Rubicon. Good night!
Korkster I cannot tell a lie (well I can, but not very successfully): I saw the chocolate when it was linked to the word 'ludicrous', before it was hidden more cleverly (and before QG ate one of the pieces of chocolate in the box). I knew I should have saved the link, because I cannot find it again and the chocolate DID look yummy.
Chocolate, coffee, pro grunge tea drinkers, all this caffeine is making high and twitchy!... I love high and twitchy! And I've found the chocolate Easter egg! Thanks zeitgeist! It was very delish and caffeiny. Those of you who haven't found it yet, aren't looking hard enough...*gobbles chocolate Easter egg in front of the computer screen in a smug way.* Z,K,E, Disgruntled on the Internet...I heart you all!

[ edited by RollingInKittens on 2008-12-12 13:02 ]
Okay. Now I'm confused. There IS a piece of chocolate that zeitgeist hid? Seriously?

I looked at ludicrous and didn't see anything. :(

The pic QG looked mighty tasty. And I haven't eaten all day, and am hungry as a bear. Bend to my will power of I will eat you!
So wait... no one is ever going to respond? Are the chocolates still around and hiding, or did QG eat them all?

I think the crickets ate all the chocolate, embers
That sucks, because I REALLY wanted some chocolate. And now I'll never know if you were all pulling my chain or if I was crazy. :(
; )... Hope that answers your questions K and E! : P

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I can't find the whedonesque easter egg for the life of me. I actually just slammed my head on the desk. I've clicked the home link and everything around it 100 times. Any tips?
How to find the Easter egg on this site:

*looks around*
Chocolate? Did someone say something about chocolate?

Oh, and I am in LURVE with the Dr. Horrible DVD. Commentary! The Musical is brilliant. These people should be made to ALWAYS work together. It's just a crime if they don't. And I'm so happy there's a spoken commentary as well.

So far I've seen 5 Easter Eggs (I've no talent at finding them myself, I Google for them), and they're wonderful!

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