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December 10 2008

Dr. Horrible Listed as #5 on SFGate's Top 10 Viral Videos of 2008. Dr. Horrible comes in at a respectable fifth place.

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog": The entry of Joss Whedon (creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer,""Angel" and "Firefly") to the Internet resulted in perhaps the greatest and most substantial Web series yet. In three parts, the 43-minute film starring Neil Patrick Harris as a wannabe evildoer was distributed for free on Hulu and then for pay on iTunes (and then for free again on Hulu).

Hmm. I don't really think of Dr. Horrible as a 'viral' video. But #5 is okay, I guess.
Please don't use the word 'respectable' in reference to Dr. Horrible.

Whoo-hoo! Another top 10 list!
I only go to these things to see if there are any other videos I'd want to see. There never are.
I wouldn't really call Dr H viral either though I guess it had some things in common with the breed.

Of the rest (that i've seen) "I'm fucking Matt Damon" was hilarious, Tina Fey does Palin was pretty decent and Paris Hilton responds to the McCain ad, while not exactly Oscar Wilde, showed a sense of humour that, frankly, I didn't think she had the wits to possess.

(and if you didn't like "puppy cam" then you hate freedom and are a communist - that's not just me saying that either, there've been proper double blind studies done)
Glad to see Dr H is getting some lovin', if not in the 'lets share yogurts and watch our clothes dry' sense, then at least he's getting the kudos that he deserves via the interweb polls. Could this be the work of the Evil league of Evil, or the Evil League of Good? (Is there an Evil league of Good? If not, why not? And while I'm at it, why is the sky blue? And why is B!x the one and true? And does Gossi really exist? Does this mean there is a Real Fake Thomas Jefferson and an Undead Bowie and an Amicable Horse?)
What's wrong in being communist?
Be careful cose I can accuse many of you to be Unamerican.

Totally Off Topic: I had downloaded the special episode of "Dr Who" The Five Doctors but can't find subtitles. Anyone knows where I can get one, even in English, couse my not-knowloged of this language is is not so terrible while reading.
”What’s wrong in being communist?”

It undermines one’s understanding of copyright?
Well, Saje was being facetious/joking, Brasilian Chaos Man, but since you asked... Communism is great in theory, but doesn't work in practice because human greed and corruption always ruin it. The reason capitalism tends to work is because it relies on people's greed and acquisitiveness to some extent (also more positive aspects like competitiveness/entrepeneurship). Also, as a point of order, probably wise not to post "Hey, I illegally downloaded this show, can anyone help me enjoy it?" going forward :).
Whedonesque is a big tent indeed, and no there is no correlation between ones understanding of copyright and party affiliation, at least none that I've come across.

Chaos man, Google is a useful tool.
I think hence was joking because of BCS' mentioning of the torrented file and the large black/grey markets for copyrighted material in Communist countries.
In Communist countries I think it's called the pink market. But I could be making that up and, indeed, am.

(and anyway, in soviet Russia, copyright understands YOU !)
:) I was so hoping for an "in Soviet Russia...". Спасибо, Saje!
Gesundheit !

(been having a bit of a Slashdot revival over the last few days - sometimes the old ways are the best. I just need someone to post something relating Joss Whedon and hot grits and I have the whole set ;-)
Pink market nah, not one of your best Saje.

Sovjet Russia is the only place I've visited where when you visit a store they would ask you if you have anything for them to buy.
Whenever I try to be funny someone takes me literally. Oh, why do I fail? Tell me, Don Miguel, Tell me.

also can't spell literally.

[ edited by hence on 2008-12-11 16:36 ]
Maybe your if your jokes where less literary they would be taken less literally :)
(Sincere apologies to all native english speakers)

- Don M.
Thanks Don, I can’t believe it has escaped me all these years.
Pink market nah, not one of your best Saje.

Tough room.

Market or market or market. I should know by now that starting things with font colors only causes threads to go to the Bad Placetm.
Yep, you've created a hexadecimal monster.

(you're also making me wonder if i'm pink/purple colour blind ... Can you even be pink/purple colour blind ? Cos if you can I might be)
Saje, not a tough room, just high expectations.

Z, down that road lies madness, but a madness appropriate for the xmas season.
Yes, I strive for Seasonally Appropriate Crazy.
Good for you, everyone needs to set themselves goals. If you start now with Seasonally Appropriate slightly off, you can quickly move up to a light madness (easily achieved during xmas shopping) and reach the fullblown Crazy just in time for the xmas buffet, at least that's how it works for me.
zeitgeist said:

Also, as a point of order, probably wise not to post "Hey, I illegally downloaded this show, can anyone help me enjoy it?" going forward :).

Sorry Zeitgeist, I just did it wondering could be best be sincere and as I remebered some discussion about shows that don't were exibited in diferent countries and downloads... But if this is against the rules of the board, please delet my messasges.

Chaos man, Google is a useful tool.

Yeah, I tried it. Usually the is the answer for my prayers, but I even searched all the options of and nothing.
Still, thanks to every one and sorry for some disturb.
In Soviet Russia, movies torrent you.
Is truth, b!X-amov.
If I'm authorized to do a little more mess, there is a Brazilian magazine (that I never herd before) who has Twilight in the cover and two links about Buffy (The animated series and the 8th season).
Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people's needs. Very sad life... probably have very sad death, but at least there is symmetry.

Chaos, how old is that episode ? The only reference I can see predates the internet, if that's the case you're unlikely to find what you're looking for.
I'm not sure about predating the Internet, as IIRC, the net was created in the 60's/ 70's, but if you mean before the popularization of the (here I think it came in the middle of the 90's ) you're right. The link:
Depends on your definition as usual, the net was a very different animal back then. Some Dr Who fan site might know and some sites take translation requests.
I think this thread is no longer a thread. Maybe just a black market?

Yay for Dr. Horrible not being forgotten by polls during the Christmas Shopping Season!
Voted again! Thanks for the reminder!

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