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December 10 2008

Brian K. Vaughan script among "most liked" of 2008. A script called "Roundtable" by Brian K. Vaughan appears on the "Black List" of most interesting screenplays of 2008, as passed on by Nikki Finke.

The list is sorted by number of nominations: BKV has 8. If I missed any other Whedon alum, please edit and/or point out in the comments.


ETA that the top ten contains not one movie that appeals to me.

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Did Cabin In The Woods ever appear on the black list?
However, "BACK EAST by Zach Whedon" is, with two mentions. (I skimmed that list when I was looking at this one. I can't make myself read the whole lists, but I apparently can scan for names like Vaughan, Whedon, etc.)
None of those exactly sound like must sees.

RONIN by Chris Morgan

Probably pure coincidence but I know a Chris Morgan (though we haven't really spoken in a couple of years) and the last I heard he was making trips to LA to try to sell a script.
"I'm With Cancer" is produced by Seth Rogen. Anything that Seth Rogen is involved with is a must see. Anything that Seth Rogen might have winked at is a must see.
I could not have made up a better Quentin Tarantino title.
Wow. I can only assume the scripts are much, much better thought out than the titles. Because this reads like an article from The Onion. Are we sure it's not April 1?
The Black List is an unfortunate name... Roundtable is supposed to be excellent. Hey, it's BKV, of course it'll be excellent.

Whatever it is - I'm there!

And then synopses for the top ten don't read that great - though one-liners of most films are liable to sound trite, unless you write them retrospectively. But there's a few there that have potential.

But, seriously? The Beaver? Don't do it Steve Carrell!
I think it's funny that every script has to be like something. It's THIS meets THIS!, lol. And yeah, I know it's marketing, but still.
The top ten sound like nine films I will not be going to see next year, and Broken City which I might.
BKV's script was reviewed at Ain't It Cool (kill me). It's apparently a modern-day Knights of the Round Table story - unsurprisingly, the British knighthood ain't what it used to be, so when Her Majesty's knights are called upon to defend civilization, things are...awkward. Sounds like fun.

Nikki Finke's site is largely gossip-column trash for Hollywood types with dollar signs in their eyes. She manages to really, really care about things no human being should give a damn about. Which, y'know, points for effort and all that, but no one else need visit.
That sounds like a great story.

Unlike the others though, I do think some of these top 10 movies have great potential. Boiled down to a simple description, most movies wouldn't sound too teriffic, but there's some nice twists on usual ideas evident here and considering that the scripts are - apareantly - pretty good, there could be some very nice movies resulting from them.
Isn’t this thing mostly Hollywood politics?
Recount being the most lauded script from last year, even though far from bad, doesn’t lend augustness to the list in my book. Roundtable sounds like a heap of fun, though.
"Roundtable" is definitely a lot of fun but I don't think its quite good (or mainstream) enough to ever get picked up by a studio, especially considering the rather large budget that would be required for effects and a certain piece of casting that would be required to make the movie work. With that said I hope BKV keeps writing specs, even though he has a lot on his plate right now.

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Actually, when I was searching to make sure this hadn't been posted before and was actually him, I saw that the script sold in June, to DreamWorks. Doesn't mean it'll be made, but he should have some money in pocket for it.
Nice to see a link to the Black List. I've found some good scripts over the past few years through the list, and I'm hoping to find a few more good ones to read.

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