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December 10 2008

Serenity showing in Cambridge, MA. The BDM will be playing at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA Saturday the 13th at 10pm.

It's also showing Friday at MIT - cheaper, bigger theatre, better picture and sound, though the seats are crap (old wooden lecture-hall seats) and the company will be...frustrating. (cf. LSC.MIT.EDU)

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But the atmosphere is part of what makes the LSC movies so great! (I have very fond memories of MIT's LSC movie series.)
I've got a friend that lives close by. I'll have to pass this on to him. Thanks for the information.
@Sarrava: Only if by 'great' you mean 'ideal for stuff like The Matrix, absolutely wretched for any kind of meditative or provocative film, e.g. Eyes Wide Shut, which I nearly had to walk out of.'

Not to mention the smell!! Thank god 26-100 has a high ceiling, else the Sci-Fi Marathon (which has a fantastic lineup this year) would see annual fatalities...

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