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December 11 2008

Golden Globe Nominations and the Whedonverse. Neil Patrick Harris is nominated for Supporting Actor- TV (HIMYM) and Amy Adams for Supporting Actress-Film- Drama (Doubt).

NPH is up against Dennis Leary (Recount) Jeremy Pivin (Entourage), Blair Underwood (In Treatment)and Tom Wilkinson (John Adams) and Amy's competition is Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Viola Davis (Doubt), Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler) and Kate Winslet (The Reader). Mad Men is also up for Best TV drama.

So I know that Dr. Horrible isn't, like, eligible for anything, but that still shouldn't stop it from getting nominated!
I'm gonna be really bummed if Piven take this again.
So I know that Dr. Horrible isn't, like, eligible for anything

Before its time unfortunately. But at least it can take comfort in being a trailblazer and one of the best episodes of the year.
I agree with Numfar PTB. I really, really hope that NPH will win this year.
I'm kinda bummed that Christina Hendricks' figure got more attention than her work on Mad Men this year. She was fantastic.
The only thing wrong about the TV Supporting Actor category is that they lump all roles together in one category. If Harris does win, even against dramatic roles, that would be something.
I didn't expect Dr. Horrible to get Golden Globe recogniion. Heck, it would be a shock if the Emmys created a category for web series because of the Doc...but it would make sense. Considering the possibility of an actor's strike next year, web series may be the only new entertainment we'll get some for some time.
Those of you worried that NPH might not win are under a false premise: that people vote strictly on the performances from that show from that year (you know, like they're supposed to).

NPH will get votes from people who like his work on Dr. Horrible, who agree with him politically, who like the way he combs his hair, whatever - and so it goes with the rest of the nominees.
If everyone voted strictly on performance, NPH would have won an Emmy for his work on HIMYM last year (and the year before that). His performance on that show is just incredible. I remain cynical.
Ahem. No mention up there that Danny Strong wrote "Recount." :)I know he wasn't nominated for writing, but, heck, "Recount" is on the list a few times. *grin* I know...I know. Had to mention it, though, as I love that something a Whedon Alumn wrote is up for a nom in *any* way, yes?
I suppose golden globes mean different things to different people. I giggle to myself like a 12 year-old schoolboy when I hear this awards ceremony mentioned, as I have ever since first seeing Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King. But seriously, congrats and best of luck to NPH and AA.
No voites again for Mia Wasikowska in In Treatment, though they gavce it to the far inferior Melissa George. And, um, half those movies that got nominated aren't even out yet!
I liked Melissa George in "Thieves".
I just noticed that the NPH nomination was the only one for CBS this year.
Mia is spectacular in In Treatment, and my comments only refer to this series (regarding Melissa George).

Watch: (wait for the voice over to stop, and due to profanity NSFW):
I can't see the word "Whedonverse" without envisioning dramatic hand-waving now.
impalergeneral - There is an Emmy category, Special Class Short Format Live Action Entertainment Program; Battlestar Galactica won it this year for one of their webisodes. I tried looking up the specific rules regarding running time but couldn't find anything - but don't think the acts of DH are any longer than what would be acceptable. Can't wait to see what happens with it.
We, as Whedonites, are caring about Amy Adams? Really? I know she was great as Tara's brainwashed cousin, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Not to say I don't support her, but sometimes on this site I see posts about actors that weren't really significant in the Whedonverse, and this is one of them.

Go NPH, though <3<3<3
CarpeNoctem: I guess Jossfans like Amy Adams because she made it big after, and she had a much bigger guest part than Persia White did.

Thing is, she also gets more space here than people who had fairly signficant Jossverse arcs, like Adam Kaufman. Of course she's doing a bit more than he is these days but it's still an interesting sort of conversational geometry we have.

Hmmm, given my theory that the Macalys were an endogamous clan, I wonder if Beth and Donny are married now, or if they married Missouri or Alabama Maclays.
Before its time unfortunately. But at least it can take comfort in being a trailblazer and one of the best episodes of the year.
Simon | December 11, 16:15 CET

A lot of people here seemed to appreciate Amy Adams' performances in Junebug and Enchanted too (I liked 'em both), plus she was on The Office early on there for a short while in a recurring spot.
I'd love to see them split the categories (musical/comedy, drama) for the actors, as well as for the shows (& films) themselves. Just too many apples and oranges, with comedic and dramatic performances lumped together.
I know, the presentations would take forever, but it would be a lot more fair to the actors.
We, as Whedonites, are caring about Amy Adams? Really?

We are Whedonesque. This is what we do.
I like Amy Adams, don't get me wrong. I just think its reaching...

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