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"So tell me.. which stage of grieving is this?"
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December 11 2008

Total Sci Fi talks to Joss about Dollhouse. This description shall simply reference the title, which is what the link is about.

Ahh, I just love how he answers the final question of that interview. Hehe.
Good interview - and Joss dug deep to find new stuff to say about Dollhouse.

"It’s a metaphor for everybody. If it isn’t, you’re missing something. The idea is, we all have certain assumptions about who we are, based on what we were told when we were little and what we think we’re supposed to do. And we have a lot of assumptions about what is good, and what about us is not good, and what’s sinful and what’s saintly, and we’re often wrong about all of them. Dollhouse is basically about breaking all that down and exploring it and finding out what it really means to be a human being."

There was some nice Eliza-love and Felicia-love in there, and this:

"Sometimes there’s a backlash against fans – 'Oh, they’re going to make everybody else not watch.' Well, that’s not the case. The only person who can really do that is me. If people come, if they give it a fair shake, I will do my best to entertain them. And everything else will fall by the wayside."

*happy sigh*

That's Our Jossir. Personal responsibility & the Fan-love.
Great interview. I am even more eagerly anticipating the show! Even in the worst case scenario we get 13 episodes, and I will treasure them. :-) I'm not going to forecast doom before we even have the ratings on the first episode, though, I'm still hoping for the best here. I'm incredibly pleased to have Joss returning to television!
This has interesting comments on several subjects. Great interview.

I expect he's completely right about a lead actor in this role needing an ensemble so as to not get overwhelmed by the intensity of it. But I can't help but think "genre show with an ensemble!" is also his go-to solution for many many things. Possibly even recipe substitutions in a pinch.
There's something to be said for interviews which make the interviewee the center theme (and not the interviewer). Well done.
"I feel again that same thing I had on Firefly of, 'These guys have always been doing this, nobody else could’ve.'"

Oh, that bodes well! :)
I think we can picnic with those loving thoughts, QuoterGal. The other just simply doesn't exist. gossi ate it when he became a PTB.

It was a very good interview. And no matter how many times I read about Dollhouse, Joss manages to bring up new things that make me love it more.

I don't think ensemble should be seen as a "go to", Sunfire. Most people interact with other people in life, so why not Echo? It sounds like a natural reach to me.
Ensemble is all to the good. Seeing what Joss can make all the characters pull out of each other is always a high point.

Great interview. Can't wait. I'm ready for a Dollhouse marathon.
Well, it really does (bode well), in my book. Can't say for sure if you're being ironic cabri. Funny thing is when I read it in the interview I thought, hey this sounds good, now that I read it here it indeed sounds less well boding.

Anyway, really nice interview. Joss sure knows how to sell a show to me. Hope this is the kind of press that reaches the public, not the other stuff.

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It definitely bodes well. For Joss to say that this cast is as well suited to their characters as the cast of Firefly is high praise indeed. Just this comment alone makes me anxious to watch the show (I've been handling the wait pretty well so far), but his description of the show is astounding. If only all television was this thought provoking.

Some ensemble casts seem thrown together simply to take the load off the main actors (this is entirely necessary though). Joss, however, always does so many amazing things with his ensembles that you can't imagine the show without all of the characters. None of his ensemble characters are superfluous.
I like watching ensembles. That was my lame attempt at a joke, not a serious comment on the value of an ensemble show.
That was definitely a hopeful comment, Groo. I never punctuate my sarcasm with a :)
Well, see I sometimes punctuate my sarcasm with a :), though, so it can be confusing at times. Even though my sarcasm it reflected at my generally pessimistic point of view in ultimately realizing that I feel good about Joss' new show.

No worries, Sunfire. I've made lamer jokes. Actually, I'm still waiting for people to laugh.
Hah! I'm laughing korkster. As I have mentioned before, your posts make me laugh like Joss' posts...Lots! (actually Joss' posts don't laugh, I meant...oh well, you know what I meant!)

And also, Joss is like a cup of Camomile tea...warm and soothing...Picnic level...Camomile.
Cheers, RollingInKittens. It's that attitude that gives me hope that one day the mods will have mercy. I love this place.

Isn't it sad when we're suspicious of soothing? Trust, people.
Who is this Marci/Marcy you speak of? Oh, I see... ;)
Joss' comments demonstrate exactly why I am convinced that I will love this show sight unseen. Because it's not going to be just an action-adventure show, or an action-adventure show with a noiry sci-fi sensibility and witty dialogue and great acting. Once more, it's about the metaphor, and what it means to be a human. I'm guessing there's going to be a surprising amount of what it means to care about others (given that people whose memories are constantly being erased wouldn't seem to have the capacity to care about anything).

And Sunfire, I find that "genre show with an ensemble" works very well as a substitute for baking powder if you ever find yourself stuck for some.

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