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December 11 2008

Dollhouse Paper Dolls. The Dollhouse Fan Wiki gets crafty with Melissa Lobach's papercraft dolls.

Well, you know when a mod double posts the thread won't last long.

ETA: Oops. I really thought I read this here last week, sorry, Z! *blushes*

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I was wondering how long before these showed up here. I'll leave my commentary to whatever it was I tweeted last week.
Yeah, I twitted this last week when Sierra came out, but didn't post it here - well, 'cause.

As I recall, your tweet was pretty funny, b!X cruel but fair.
Yeah, I strongly considered not posting it, but I thought some people might have fun with it. Also, be nice.
[Quote removed because I'm stupid & slow at times.]

Sorry z. I was in the preview status when you posted.

I love the creativity people have to support their fandom. My support usually involves a bow-tie and beer.

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korkster - the "be nice" thing also applies to quoting mean things that other people said.
Does anyone recall the cardboard dolls with the paper outfits that you 'dressed' them with by folding tabs over their bodies? I kind of figured they would do that, seeing as one buys the dolls and have them implanted with personalities for certain tasks the same way you dress a doll and play with them as a kid. Oh, look, now my paper doll is wearing black jeans and a turtle neck so she can cat burgle this fancy jewelry store... or... now she's in a fancy dress for a day at the race track, betting the ponies!... ect. You can't do that with these dolls. Phooey. Although, they are kind of cute.
Those are what I consider true paper dolls, NYPinTA. And we made our own clothes for them, too - so much fun if you liked pencil & crayon. You can still get real paper dolls; now they run the gamut from kids' plaything to prized art pieces. In fact, the Summer paper dolls are still wandering the interwebs awaiting your download. ;) And of cross the Mad Men paper doll for ... Joan, is it? was just posted a while back.
Paper is overrated. Personally I like my Tahmoh, plastic and
If you could see me right now, you'd notice me flailing my arms about wildly and yelling "DANGER! DANGER!" in a robotic voice-over.
In the coffee shop?!?
No, I was back home when I posted that.

Those "paper dolls."

These disturb me, for some reason.

I'd much rather someone make the good old-fashioned paperdolls that were mentioned above. Dressing Eliza? Much fun there.
If you could see me right now, you'd notice me flailing my arms about wildly and yelling "DANGER! DANGER!" in a robotic voice-over.

The One True b!X

In the coffee shop?!?


It's better than in a fast food.
I'll runn from those speaken burgers.

Dressing Eliza? Much fun there.

My dirty mind is thinking in the oposite dierection.
Now I'm pictureing bix flailing about in coffee shops. I'm not getting any work done today. I just know it.
I do not flail about in coffee shops. I sit at the corner table in the back and ignore everything.

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