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December 11 2008

Gavin to be King! Daniel Dae Kim to star in The King & I at the Royal Albert Hall.

Daniel Dae Kim (star of the hit U.S. series "Lost") and Maria Friedman will play the title roles in a new, fully-staged arena production of The King and I, which will be performed in-the-round at the Royal Albert Hall.

Performances will begin June 12, 2009, for a run of 20 performances only to June 28.

*hand clap* for headline.

Gotta love those shoes.
Glad to see it won't be impeding a possible return on Lost.
A Korean palying a Thai? That's as bad as a half-Puerto Rican playing a Mexican :-).

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I'm happy when anyone knows that my country capital isn't Rio and we don't speak Spanish.

*Cursing Fool for Love* ;)

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