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December 12 2008

The Angel Series Box Set is Amazon's Deal of the Day. All 5 seasons for about 50 bucks with free shipping by Christmas. An amazing deal.

Do the 20th Century Fox execs ever think "Hmmmm Buffyverse boxsets still popular. Wonder if we should greenlight that Spike DVD movie"?
an amazing deal indeed. they have been having such great gold box deals lately!
I already own all the individual seasons, but this deal was just too good to pass up. Glad I'm able to scoop it up this time. Thanks for posting this! Glad I was awake to see it.
It dosnt seem to have the extra disc extramaterial that the Chosen box had. But still a great buy.
Just bought two copies as Christmas gifts, making it five Buffyverse complete series sets that I've bought off Amazon, in the past year. Jeebus.
And to think I asked for this for Christmas. Too bad I always miss the Buffy days and from the looks of it, The X-Files a few days ago, and that's my favorite show. >_>
My sister sent me the link about 30 minutes ago and I was about to come post it but nothing moves faster than the 8,000 headed WhedonESQE monster! I think I might actually buy the set. It's the lowest price I've ever seen. I've got the seasons but just look at it...its so cool looking.

And I agree Simon, how can we see it so clearly but those high paid studio folks can't see it at all. Frankly, I think James needs a network vehicle. Like so many of the Verse alums, he is just one network hit away from the A-list.
Is angel going to come out on blu ray, sometime in 09, or is that like never gonna happen

Buffy too??

Serenity is out on 12/30/08 on blu ray
Wow, that is a good deal. And very tempting, since I only own 2 seasons of Angel . . . okay, I'm going to go balance my checkbook now. :-)
Whoa! Too bad I already have all 5 seasons though. Unfortunately I can't think of anyone to buy this for...
i couldnt help myself. bought. thanks for the heads up
The last time Amazon had the Angel box set as the deal of the day, I ordered one. But when it arrived, it was missing the letter from Joss. I felt totally like I was missing the toy from the Crackerjacks box when I got it.

But this is a better deal. Go for it, all.
It's sooo pretty! Want, but can't afford. :(
Thanks to fellow user on this site, I scoop this boxset up and now, I'm broke. :( How am I going to get my grandma a slippers for Christmas? But yo, this should rock. :)
Oh yeah! I've been waiting for this to happen again! I didn't have the $50 set aside or anything, but I keep almost buying it for $70 in various locations, so finally I just had to pick it up for $50.99 and free shipping!


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