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December 12 2008

(SPOILER) New Interview With Jane Espenson. She discusses the Battlestar Galactica webisodes she wrote.

There will be more on "Dollhouse" next week.

For those who may not read the article due to spoilers, after you watch today's BSG webisode, the article will be spoiler-free unless you click on the AfterElton link they reference.

You also might want to note now that SyFyRadio will broadcast the full interview with Jane on Wednesday, Dec 17th at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT. She will not only discuss the BSG webisodes, but also working with Joss on Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse. Plus, there is a funny Joss moment that occurs during the interview.

You don't need to sign up with BlogTalkRadio (SyFyRadio's Internet radio host) to listen, but if you do, you can get a Show Reminder email or join the Live Chat during the broadcast. The chats (open 1/2-hr prior to show time) are great & involve discussions on all things sci-fi/fantasy.
Episode One is tease-tastica!
Grrr, the Battlestar Galactica webisode isn't available in Canada.

Anyone know another place to see it?
It has appeared on YouTube.
There's also a version with audio commentary from Jane.

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