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December 12 2008

No Dollhouse webisodes on the horizon? Back in June, Joss told The Live Feed that "we are planning to do a series of webisodes -- literally a full season of them". But Fox Publicity tells Pie Spoilers!!! that they "do not believe that there will be supplementary webisodes".

Unless Joss makes me look stupid, I believe these aren't happening. For now.

Also, PIE SPOILERS!!! is the best blog name ever.
Aw. I was looking forward to those.

It's really too bad the exclamation marks can't be in the URL.
I'm bummed. I wanted these to happen, so I could have something to tie me over until the next episode of Dollhouse. And we could have had conspiracy talks about how this ties in to the main show... sort of a viral game, I guess.

Many hours of enjoyment lost. :-(
We'll just have to write some for quotergal to do via sockpuppets.
Damn. My supposition was, and is, that Joss would have made the best webisodes ever.
That's too bad. But the episodes are still gonna be longer, with less commercial right ? 'cause that was the real good thing from Fox.
Hopefully if it's renewed for a second season and finds some stability we'll see some webisodes

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