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December 12 2008

'Not Fade Away' comic adaptation cover and announcement. After the Fall artist Stephen Mooney elaborates on the upcoming comic adaptation of Angel's series finale and provides the cover for issue 3.

Brilliant cover!
For me what's cool about this is we get to read the comic of NFA and then can go straight into After the fall on re-reads;)

man I am such a nerd lol
[Isaac Hayes]Baaaaaadaaaaaaas...[/Isaac Hayes]

I will be buying the HELL out of this!
Awesome! I'm so there with cash! >)
Do we hope to expand upon certain scenes that left the viewers gagging for more?

Did he really mean to say "gagging"?
I'll go out on a limb and guess that IDW bought some sort of rights to the scripts from the series and want to make money out of the deal. Now they did try and sell the scripts in comic book format but for what ever reason this was discontinued (perhaps they didn't sell that well). Now they're proceeding down the adaptation route.
Cool,so a Smile Time adaptation followed by one for NFA.I wonder if we'll get more adaptations if these do well?
I hope to God this is canon!!!

I was waiting for that one.
Thanks, Simon. I had forgotten about the script series, actually.
There are how many Angel series now? I think they're going a little overboard. Obviously just one big cash grab. Sadly, they will also be grabbing my cash because I love me some Angel.
See, adaptations don't appeal to me. I'll only give my money to IDW for official continuations of the main story from the tv series.
I think IDW is overusing Angel. It may be great, but I'm already lost with every week announcing a new comic-franchise. They need to focus.

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