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December 12 2008

James Marsters announces Valentine's event. James Marsters announces a one day event in NJ on February 15th 2009 at the South Orange Performing Arts Centre. Tickets, limited to 150 people, are on sale now.

According to the website the event includes.
- exclusive theatrical performance
- signed souvenir from Dragonball
- personalised autograph
- Q&A with James
- photo session (with professional event photographer)
- acoustic concert
- screenings
- free raffle for exclusive goods

I would love to go, but $195 per ticket is a bit too steep with my husband unemployed.
I think this is the first time I've ever really hated being a poor college student! I really want to go!
The website apparantly crashed and the phone lines have been overwhelmed too ! So even if I win the lottery tomorrow I suspect I'll be too late for a ticket.

Oh well, reports are fun!
I'll be experiencing this vicariously through reports as well. Congrats to everyone who has gotten tickets!
Hmm... New Jersey. Who is running this event?
"Hmm... New Jersey. Who is running this event? "

Steve Himber .

Oh and the website is back up
Not that I have anything against the state in principle, but why NJ?
Apparently Steve Himber now has his address in South Orange, NJ. I wonder if this means we'll have more events here.
I'll be there. *this is my happy face*
My car ended up in East Orange when it was stolen three years ago. Not a place to get lost in...though I believe South Orange was nice.
South Orange and East Orange are verrrrrrrrry different. (As are West Orange and Orange. Yes, NJ has more Oranges than you would expect for such a northern state. ;-) ) South Orange is extremely nice and very upscale.

40 minutes from my house and there is no way I can go. I just cannot justify spending that kind of money on one day of my own entertainment when there are so many things the household needs and so many things in the world my son has not seen. Talk about frustrating. Argh!

I have seen James Marsters in concert, I am not an autograph collector, and I do not need a picture with him. However, I have been dying to see him in a theatrical performance since I first found out he was a theater guy. I understand they have to keep the audience small for the "event" but I wish they would do another theatrical performance and open it to a bigger audience.

Sigh. So close and yet so far.
I used to live in East Orange. Bob Dylan wrote a song called "East Orange NJ."

West Orange has the Thomas Edison Museum, and South Orange is a wealthy area. East Orange was right next to Newark, and while not as bad as it is now, was heading for seedy. Our office was in a church in Orange, which was kind of in between East and West Orange in all respects.

It's less than 2 hours from here, but to paraphrase newcj, "I just cannot justify spending that kind of money on one day of my own entertainment when there are so many things the household needs and so many things in the world my son[s and daughters have] not seen. "
I'm going and am perfectly happy with the location. The facility is supposed to be great with good views of the stage from every seat. And many people will also spend a day touring NYC which is conveniently very close by train.
Poor college student be damned! I just bought my ticket! Merry Christmas, Happy Valentines Day, and a very happy early birthday to me!
Is anyone here from NYC going?

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