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December 12 2008

Piccolo and Mai on a Rock. A new picture of James Marsters as Piccolo in the big screen adaptation of the cartoon show Dragonball.

Right on, i havent seen Dragon Ball Z since, like the 90's i think.... whens the movie in theaters?
A guy from Alien Nation green with envy ?
I feel sad for James having to wear all that make-up.
Heee, now people will have to find some other reason to complain that the movie sucks before it actually shows now that James is all hot green. And here I thought the only green 'person' for me was Lorne! LOL

re comment: I Hope they will make a Sequel !!!
*blink* Can someone tell me is this the same as, worse or better than those who say that the movie sucks before they'd even seen it? Perhaps better, 'cause it is more positive? *shrug*
Almost didn't recognize JM from the costume, but in that second pose... that's definitely him. :)
Oh yeah, because Picolo being green or not is the only fault that can be found with this movie.
I wouldn't really know about 'faults' seeing as I don't know the anime. But saying "it sucks" is a whole other matter IMO.
Oh man, I am having Severe Bad Lusty Boot Thoughts.

For his boots.
Simon | December 13, 00:48 CET

G'Kar, my favorite sexy alien!.

I've never seen Dragonball so I don't have to worry about deciding in advance that it's going to suck. It's not the kind of thing I'd usually be interested in (old, here) but it looks fun to me and James looks as if he's having fun with it. So I'll check it out and hope it's a major hit.
Simon | December 13, 00:48 CET

Hee! I'm glad to know I wasn't he only one who immediately thought that :)

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