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December 12 2008

Seth on Joss, Oz and Leaving. Seth Green talks about having Joss appear on Robot Chicken's 4th season opener, using the Oz doll on the show, and just why he left BtVS in a series of video commentaries posted to the Adult Swim website.

Whoops, so it wasn't exactly the same.

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And again with the missing punctuation! I know it can be hard to remember but every time? o.O
That didn't look like an interview to me, more like the episode itself, but that was pretty much the funniest thing I've seen in days.
The 6th was the actual episode, this commentary part is new, but you have to click on part one (on the right side - under "Extras") to see the commentaries listed, and then click on them. The Whedon comments are about half way down.

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Found the commentaries... sweet!
Do they really not provide direct links to the segments?
this was amazing. too funny
The commentaries are a riot: really worth the time to watch!
They keep saying he left Buffy after two seasons. But he was on the show for parts of Seasons 2, 3 and 4.

Loved the "you actually say 'Whedonverse'" bit.
I love how Seth was so enthusiastic about having been in an episode of Angel. He and his purple sunglasses were pure awesomeness on "In the Dark". And his smile is so beautiful that I kinda wish Oz had been a little more expressive, just so we could have seen it now and then.
Seth was only a regular on Season 3 and 4, though. Although he was in more episodes in Season 2 as a guest star, than in season 4 as regular (Note: A New Moon Rising and Restless count as guest star appearances).
I understand his reasons for leaving, but I wish he could have recurred more often.

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