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December 12 2008

(SPOILER) Summer Glau on Terminator's move to Fridays. Short article on IGN telling us Summer Glau's feelings on the move to friday night. Includes possible minor spoilers on upcoming Terminator episodes.

I think she's been doing a great job since the first season of adding little things that point to her becoming more human while keeping her robotness. :) Friday is going to be my favorite night of the week.

One think I wish they would dial back on is so much dreaming/surreality. I hope Monday's ep is better than I'm expecting from that description...
I've actually liked their foray's into the surreal a lot (especially "Allison"), it was last week's ep I thought was sub-par.
I just saw the trailer for the upcoming "Terminator:Salvation" movie and found myself wishing the show had an unlimited special effects budget, because they've done wonders with the tight budget they're on.
I'm just glad there's going to be more and I'm very much looking forward to Friday nights. Not as if I or anyone I know can afford to go out much, these days.

ETA: mission accomplished for Summer, she's done a great job with her character.

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"The smoldering, yet lethal, Star of T:SCC..."

Heh. I liked that. And I hope Summer's optomism about Fox supporting the show turns out to be justified.
I really can't help but feel a bit for Lena Headley. As the eponymous central character of the show she does seem to be in the shadow of Summer publicity wise. Not only did Summer inherit the Firefly following but Cameron is just a more interesting character.
It's interesting you put it that way, zz9. Back when they were running the fan poster contest, my subsmission deliberately omitted any use of Sarah Connor, because "her life is dictated by outside forces". So I think I've always seen the show that way. It might be named for her, but ultimately it isn't about her, because her own life isn't about her.
Good point B!x. Though looking at your poster all I can see is John checking out Cameron's boobs.
Well, that might or might not be a plot point, too. ;)
Quite a "profeel" she's got; love those lips.
zz9: "she does seem to be in the shadow of Summer publicity wise."

But is that true? Summer's a part of our Whedonverse so naturally we Whedon fans would see a lot more about Summer; however, when you look "lena headey" up on Google, you get over a million hits, whereas "summer glau" only gets 800,000-some. For all we know, there may be several thriving communities devoted exclusively to the works of Lena Headey.
Sarah Connor is only the second character I've seen Lena play - the first was Luc, the florist, in Imagine Me & You. This is...quite the opposite character. :-)

As for Cameron, I don't think it's so much that Summer has the Whedonites' interest as it is that Cameron herself is so interesting - is she good? Evil? Another Terminator sent back from the future to protect John, but that's really all we know about her. We're getting glimpses into her...uh...past? but just little teases - we still don't know what she's programmed for, exactly.
I loved "Imagine Me & You", ShadowQuest. ASH was nice there. His character was a bit of alcholic right?
IIRC Lena played the wife of The lead in "300" too.

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