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December 13 2008

"Serenity" Blu-Ray Review at The Blu-Ray doesn't street for another 3 weeks, but the folks at got their hands on a copy already and put up a review!

Short version: Not surprisingly, they love it.

With this film, originally written by Whedon to be the ending to the shows second season...

I always suspected the above, but has it actually been verified? Or is this just the beginning of another perpetual Rumor That Will Not Die?

[Edit: Let's say that I've always suspected that River's "coming out" and going all super-Slayer would have waited til the end of 2nd season.]

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Well, I don't know if anyone will ever know for certain the extent of what was planned for a second season and/or what was put into the film from that. But Joss mentions some things in his commentary (e.g., Miranda's discovery) that would have occurred in the second season.
The reviewer says that the "'Fruity Oaty Good Time" segment isn't on the DVD. I find that odd and disappointing. It hasn't been turned back into an Easter Egg, has it? That would be kind of Shiny, actually.
In his Write Environment interview, Joss reiterates and reconfirms that Miranda was meant to be the end of season two.
Hmm, I saw the bluray in a shop here in Sweden yesterday. Is it not supposed to be out yet?
It was wonderful to see the full page ad for Serenity Blu-Ray in Buffy #19.
Love this from the review "as it certainly wouldn’t hurt to show the series more love."
@TDBrown -- I found a review that says "Easter Eggs: I stumbled upon one hidden extra -- a minute-long clip of Joss Whedon chatting about the oddball Fruity Oaty bar TV spot that triggers River's programming, and it's followed by the full thirty-second ad." So it is in there, somewhere, but no one seems to be saying where it is.
Past the bottom of the list of Extended Scenes (thanks to Dave_E on

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