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December 13 2008

Favorable NY Times review of Eliza Dushku's performance in 'The Alphabet Killer'. The film is "anchored by the considerable skills of Eliza Dushku."

A good review for Eliza and the movie. But looks like I'll have to wait for the DVD to see it.
Hip-hip wahoo! At last a chance for Eliza to shine on the big!
Wow, I have never seen Eliza look like that, so...brittle. And pulling it off gorgeously, too.

Danged if that's not just "aboat*" an all-star cast.

* a nod to ELiza's "Baaston" heritage there
Rock on Eliza! I need to see this.
Netflix tells me it will release on DVD on January 6, 2009. It's in my queue.
I loved the movie, especially Eliza's performance. It's well worth the rental (and the purchase).

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