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December 13 2008

(SPOILER) New Dr. Horrible DVD review. The review not only has snippets of lyrics from Commentary: The Musical, but also hints at some of the DVD easter eggs and names a few of the Evil League contest winners.

And apparently in the normal commentary they discuss that girl in the background accused of looking too much like SMG.

Ah HAH. I KNEW it. Sorry about the screaming all-caps, folks, but smug jubilation can be expressed in no other fashion. I know I'm not alone in smug jubilation on this, either. How very cool. Oh, and the DVD sounds great, too.
Anyone else get an e-mail from amazon saying the release date has been pushed back with a delivery estimate of 1st May 2009-2nd December 2009? Yikes, sniff:( Sorry for ruining Christmas cheer:(

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I am getting an e-mail, but mine says 30/12/2008 - 01/23/2009.

And yeah, mention of the is-she-or-isn't-she SMG-shaped person. Good stuff :).

I didn't see any mention of ELE winners though. Am I just not reading very well, or have they been removed?
GVH: "Some of the ELE applications were worth skipping through, though there are some stand outs including Mr. Terrible, Tur-Mohel and Lord Stabbington. Kudos to everyone who put the time into those videos!".

I did warn people the on demand DVD manufacturing may lead to some orders slipping to after Xmas. December 2009, though, is simply wrong on Amazon's part. It won't take a year.
Heh. Yes. I can't quite see how I missed that the first time, now :).
elles - are you reading it the English way (d/m/y) rather than the American (m/d/y)? I didn't get any email, but a friend got one and it says "01/05/2009 - 02/12/2009"

Which is actually 5th Jan-12th Feb. Not May to December as it would read to us sensible English people!
Huh. I never noticed. Cool :)
"Bleeped profanity?" What the #&@* is that about? Other than the word "penis" there were a few "hells" and "damns", but bleep worthy?

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I meant that the commentary is bleeped -- the new songs have some profanity. Just look at the sample lyrics I posted.

Also, I got a couple of comments to that post suggesting that I broke some sort of rules by mentioning the winning ELE applications or hinting at easter eggs. I got NO such warning (I got a form letter from Joss and that's it), but I still thought I'd keep a bunch of it to myself.

Oh, and read through the whole post carefully -- I'm surprised more people haven't commented there for what a comment gets you. ;-)
Okay did I somehow miss something extremely important? Is this ONLY going to be available via preorder?!? I've just been assuming I'd be able to buy at release (whenever that actually is).
I haven't heard a word from Amazon about the release date. When did the message go out about pushing back the release?

Anyway, nice review. Just makes me want the DVD sooner rather than later.
palehorse - I think it's the distributing of some orders, not the actual release that's being pushed back. If you were one of the first orders they received yours will presumably be shipped on time. There've just been so many orders that due to the way they're being manufactured to order, slightly later orders have been warned that theirs may not be sent until Dec 30-Jan 23, and people ordering even more recently are getting the Jan 5th-Feb 12th estimate.

I've got two orders, one ordered as soon as the page went up, and one ordered at the same time as I ordered my CD, and I've only had a notification about the delay of the second order.

Haunt - I think you'll be able to buy it after it's released, but still only through Amazon.
I ordered the DVD pretty much the minute it was available on Amazon and I've gotten no notification about any delay. So it would seem that RachVG's thesis is correct.
Doh, thanks RachVG:) Trust the Scottish one to get it wrong,it's only cause I'm desperate to see all the extras. Sorry guys!
I ordered my three copies right away, and I haven't received any notification about a delay, but on my amazon account page it shows a shipping date of 12/23/08 instead of 12/19/08. I personally don't mind the delay since I'll have more time after Christmas to watch it all.
I just ordered a copy yesterday and it still says it will arrive by the 23rd.
I got a notification as well. Seeing as I live outside the USA, I knew I was always going to get the DVD way after Christmas Day anyhow. So really not that bothered.
I order 2 copies last Thursday as Christmas presents & they are going to be shipped to Seattle. Amazon told me they will be delievered between Dec 24-29th via standard shipping.

I'm guessing location has something to do with it.
I ordered mine almost immediately, and I did get an e-mail suggesting a delay. I think it's really due to when it will be shipped. It will get to me on the 23rd because it takes two business days (Friday and Monday) to get to my house.
That said, the commentary couldn be just as ground-breaking as the show itself. I don't think anyone has set DVD commentary to music before. It's interesting no one's tried it yet.

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Well I live in Europe, too, and I haven't gotten an email from amazon (at least not yet). So I guess there isn't much of a system behind it. Or it's method of payment or something rather than ordering date / foreign country / etc.
I ordered right away and got an email that said, "Delivery estimate: January 2, 2009 - January 14, 2009."

A few days later I got a very apologetic email saying the release was delayed and that unfortunately my new estimate was, "Estimated arrival date: 12/31/2008 - 01/07/2009" which is 2-7 days earlier than the first estimate!

Bad news like that, I can deal with.
I haven't gotten any emails like that, and on my Amazon page it still says it will be delivered by Dec. 23.

And she does look an awful lot like SMG.
I just went to the Ninja extreme website (fun game!) & I see an error message. Are we trying to crash their website as well? Tee-hee!

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Whedonesqueteers - wreaking havoc all over the internet!
is there a behind the scenes or something? a making of?

I thought we were promised a video of Joss singing "A Man's Gotta Do" with his finger in his ear. Also, the original demos the actors got to hear would have been nice.
Amazon listing says "Making-of featurettes", so apparently.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2008-12-15 03:12 ]
Yes there's making of features. Not a lot of Joss singing though.
Oh, look a chance to win a prize.
@drhorrible on Twitter:
Dr. Horrible DVD will be available on soon!

Remember Doc needs your vote.

Anonymous1 | December 14, 21:09 CET

Four twitters in about two minutes tonight. Fun!
B!X, you my hero tonight. I now go to watch Dexter's season finale and then hopefully order when I get back.

Edited to add: Soundtrack too ?

[ edited by Kris on 2008-12-15 07:07 ]
Thanks bix. I just cancelled my .com order. I hope I did the right thing, but ordering on .ca makes so much sense to me, even if I have to wait a little longer for the DVD.

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