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December 14 2008

Lessons on Personal Finance from Buffy. See, not all Canadian links are creepy.

Includes other links to Buffy & finance articles.

Have to object to the "Xander is useless" meme. From the very first Xander frequently saves the day. He may not have special superpowers but he does have raw courage and intense loyalty.
Also, don't forget to rob banks when you have the slayerpower to do so.

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Agreed about Xander. If he's useless, the word needs to be re-defined. Just off the top of my head, he saves Buffy in Prophecy Girl, saves her again, as soldier-guy, from a demon attack in Halloween and saves the world by coming up with the idea for the rocket launcher in Innocence. He leads the students against the Mayor/giant snake, bucks up Buffy emotionally to fight Sunday, gives Giles the idea for the combining spell, brings Angel to help fight Spike in School Hard (and fights himself, as he did in many episodes) and saves the whole world again in The Zeppo. I'd love to be that useless.
Don't forget that time he saved the world from Willow with a story about a yellow crayon.

His mouth saved the world!

Edit: I just saw that this article mentions said event, probably explaining why you left it out.

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Not to mention the numerous times he rebuilt the Summer's house or the Magic Box. Xander's really *is* the greatest force of good in Sunnydale.
Xander is useless? In an article about finance, it seems like Xander should be singled out for being the guy in the Scooby Gang with real world skills. Yes, being super-strong or having magic or knowing about demons is great when it comes to fighting the supernatural, but if you're looking to make some real money, they all pale in comparison to the guy who can run a construction crew.
Scoobies with a stable full-time job, financial independence, and marketable real-world skills: Xander.
He saves Cordelia in "What's My Line Part 2". Okay, so sometimes he made mistakes.
I'm feeling the urge to go all pedantic on this article. Just for starters, one doesn't raise to the occasion; one rises. And the noun is prophecy, not prophesy. Not to mention, Xander is not useless, and Buffy never gave her friends the entire "into every generation" spiel.
Being a Canadian I just have to comment on the Eden's disclaimer "See, not all Canadian links are creepy." Bwahahaha. Too funny.
Wait, did I miss a creepy Canadian link fiasco?
There was a creepy Canadian guy who built a female robot, eerily akin to a sex-bot.
I'm actually much more amused by the financial articles this article linked to, including the one; it gives actual, semi-detailed advice for Buffy from financial consultants, for her season six sitch. A nice "What *should* Buffy do?" twist. :)

For those ready to defend Xander's honor, jump to the link, which states "2..Xander is useful." Crisis averted. heh.
you're right Jav, the financial advice one is a real hoot! Check it out guys.
That is funny!
The financial advice link is a hoot. But, "she doesn't go clothes shopping..."? Then how do you explain all those outfits? I don't think she ever repeated one. (Well, maybe the leather pants.) She definitely goes clothes shopping, just off-screen.
Aha. I remember reading about that robot guy. He lives right near me!

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