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December 15 2008

The Fallen Angel and Illyria. First look at the Angelverse crossover with Peter David's Fallen Angel comic book series.

Curious to know more? Then read what Peter David had to say about it here at Whedonesque back in September.

Eeeee. I love Fallen Angel. This is sooooo darned cool!
Sorry for the ignorance but who's "Fallen Angel"?
I just keep remebering Dark Angel - The Ascent.
Fallen Angel is a comic series by Peter David that started at DC and is now at IDW. Read this for more info.
Is this going to involve parallel universes? PAD is big on his crossovers, what with the Supergirl connection. Either way, I think this will certainly spike PAD's sales, since even I'm considering getting these ones. Clearly IDW are milking their Angel characters for all they're worth!

If we're going to have fun, semi-not-really-canon take-it-or-leave-it crossovers like this, one can probably expect an Angel or Spike/Hellboy crossover in the future.
I wouldn't expect the Hellboy crossover, but I suppose its possible. Has there been a crossover with Hellboy? Aside from, I think, a Goon crossover?
I think the crossover with Peter David's Fallen Angel is the first ever Whedonverse crossover.
Whatttt... That cover is by Franco Urru! Awesome!
I think the crossover with Peter David's Fallen Angel is the first ever Whedonverse crossover.

Alternate chromium cover cash-cow, here we come! Just kidding ;).
damn... Illyria is so sexy... i'd do a crossover with her, she really is the perfect girl... half fred, cute, smart, lovable libearian, then half sexxy bad girl
That's great, dr kongker. You've really mastered the single-entendre. If you think of Illyria as the perfect girl, there's a thread about a Canadian guy that you should go read ;).

p.s. - it's librarian and please try to capitalize and punctuate correctly.

Well, not really, but who could pass up the opportunity to quote Oz? Not me!
I loved the crossover between "Fallen Angel" and "Shi".

Lee and Illyria are both bitter, damaged characters. It'll be interesting to see how they interact.
Pat, does it say somewhere that the cover is by Urru or did you just recognize his work?
Great artwork. That cover is rather special.
It's Urru - look for the signature. I think it's one of his best covers!
I wish "Fallen Angel" was Christopher Daniels D=
No. Thank you, drive through!
The movie Hellboy 2 has an almost crossover with Buffy.

Re zeitgeist: Though I agree essentially with your message of two posts ago, it's important, when correcting someone's grammar, to use correct grammar yourself. You need an apostrophe, unless some 'it' owns a librarian.
Emmie: First, I reconigzed it. Then, upon further inspection, both Urru and colorist Montavni (sp) are named on the cover.
Sounds like a bad idea to me. I don't like that kind of crossovers, specially not with whedonverse characters.
Mercenary - I corrected that with a phantom edit earlier :). It's also an entirely different level leaving out a single apostrophe vs. not capitalizing at all aside from one proper name and then only punctuating with ellipses. Bluntly, it's a case of typo vs. systemic grammatical failure.
Two of my favorite characters together. I definitely will be getting this one/series. PAD has shown that he can write the Angel characters well. I'm looking forward to this one.
Re zeitgeist: I agree, and I certainly wasn't meaning to suggest that the two were equivalent. It was slightly ironic, however, and I have a relative inability to resist pointing out irony. No offense intended nor, I hope, received.
It would be more ironic if I didn't know the difference :).
I havnt read any Fallen Angel - but I will give this a try:) I loved his work on previous Angel stories.
I really want to read Fallen Angel but I don't think DC has released issues #13-20 as a tpb yet and it doesn't look like their going to...
IDW has released them, xerox. Issues 6-10 are in the Volume 2 TPB, 11-16 are in Volume 3, 17-20 and some other stuff are in Volume 4 and Volume 5 is out (from looking at Amazon), though I'm not sure what all is included. There's also a Premiere Edition that's 1-13, presumably we are in for a Premiere Edition Volume 2 shortly.

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