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December 15 2008

Christina Hendricks gets engaged. Better check her lipstick.

As it is, life is proving something of a reliable imitator of art for Hendricks.

I wouldn't say that. It would be a sad state of affairs if Christina's life were anything like Joan's.
I am actually very happy for her. Having met Christina personally, I deem her a precious soul very deserving of love and happiness. Blessings.

(Although I admit I now have one more petty and totally undeserved grudge against Vincent K. for having introduced Christina to her beau.)
She will be mine. Oh, yes...she will be mine.

/Wayne Campbell
For some reason I've got it into my head that this news has been posted before. this means my only option now is to hold out for the fake marriage where she tries to kill me?

I'm ok with that.
FWIW Simon, People Mag is claiming an exclusive on the news at 8:15am 15-Dec-08
I take a more than usual personal interest in this wonderful news since Christina showed up at the Backup Bash with a date. A first date, we were given to understand. Whom she almost ignored as we all requested photos with her. She was wonderfully generous with her time.
Lioness, was Geoffrey her date at the Backup Bash?
The article says that she met him through Vincent K., so I'm guessing it was more recent than that.
They were working on Mad Men in August of 2006, and the aforementioned first-date happened in December of that year, so it's actually entirely possible.
Congrats to the lucky couple.
Congratulations to a wonderful pair!

PS: I believe her date to B3 was named Jim

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