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December 15 2008

(SPOILER) TV Guide interviews Summer Glau. Spoiler warning for TSCC. When asked about the move to Friday, the pairing with Dollhouse and the Whedon connection; Glau: "We do, and I think the fans will band together and support us on Friday nights. We had a lot of competition on Monday, so I think this might be a good thing".

I will be honest, up until very recently, I've not been all that interested in TSCC. I didn't see season one, and from what I could tell by the first few eps, season two wasn't lookin' all that great.

Then about a month ago, I found out the show would be paired with Dollhouse on Friday nights. I'm not a huge TV person (I prefer the commercial free happiness of DVD), but when I came to this realization, I decided I needed to give the show a second try. So I went and watched the entire season up to this point online, and I was surprised to find the show was actually kind of enjoyable. The storyline was a bit on the ADHD side, but overall I really liked it.

Dollhouse is definitely on the must see list of things for me to watch earlier next year, but I'm grateful there's a mutual buzz of respect and interest between the creators and stars of each of the shows. I don't know why, but it kinda feeds my excitement as well.

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and from what I could tell by the first few eps, season two wasn't lookin' all that great

The first few of this year's episodes weren't that great, so you were not wrong there. But it's definitely come back around to what I expected from them given the very strong first season.
T:TSCC has greatly improved this season. I think they have too many characters though, and not enough time to explore them all (I miss Derek's future story-lines, and the mystery between him & Cameron). But they promise to tie a few ends, so that'll be nice.

Fridays are lookin' to be my favorite days.

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