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December 15 2008

"Joss keeps you interested as an actor". Amy Acker speaks to about how she came to be on Angel, her roles as Fred and Illyria and the season 6 that never was.

Part two of this interview will be released on January 15th.

Wow, some interesting tidbits revealed about the storylines for AtS Season 6. It's the first time I've read about them. The mafia storyline sounds like it would have been awesome. My excitement for Acker in Dollhouse keeps on percolating.

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Oh man, that cancellation was *so* disappointing. Poor Joss. Poor everyone.
Hmmm, there seem to be some faint echoes of Angel's planned storyline in Buffy S8.
Well at least it worked out well for Fox, that replacement Vampire show doing well and all.

Is it wrong to wish I was that nerd space entity on Futurama that kidnapped all the ST:TOS crew and forced them to act out a script? Would holding Joss, David, Alexis, J and Amy hostage and forcing them to do S6 just for me really be that bad?
"Hmmm, there seem to be some faint echoes of Angel's planned storyline in Buffy S8."--shambleau

I love how Joss reuses failed story ideas. Just look at the eerily familiar "space pirates" from Alien: Resurrection and Titan A.E. One way or another he tells the stories he sets out to tell.
I think it was like two days before that where Joss was telling me all of the very cool stuff that was happening next year.

January 15th seems so far away! I want to hear her thoughts about Dollhouse. It seems like Amy hasn't said much on that front yet... all a big mystery and what not.
January 15th does seem a bit long of a wait. Personally, I want to hear about her thoughts on Alias. I loved her on that.

The mafia thing reminds me of the Lords and the different factions in After the Fall.

Well,we did get a version of the Illyria/Fred story in After The Fall.I'm sure it's not exactly the same as it would of been on T.V. but it's basically a version of that idea.The mafia stuff sounds interesting.It actually sounds a little bit like the first half of After The Fall with the demon lords.Again not exactly the same but sort of a version of that idea.Would of love to of seen Joss's Shakespearean episode of Angel(would of gone great with his other concept episodes like Hush,Restless,The Body and OMWF).

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