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December 15 2008

Neil Patrick Harris gets all excited for the Dr. Horrible DVD. "[It's] going to be awesome-town". And would he be up for a sequel? Of course.

Gotta love NPH. It's wonderful to read about his excitement for the DVD and his enthusiasm to do a sequel. I love having him added to the wonderful list of Whedonverse stars.
I was thinking of writing an article about this, but it seems like quite a lot of effort - the Dr Horrible DVD is doing supremely well for itself. It's staying in the top 30 (of all DVDs, including movies), which for a non-studio release is... Way better than I was expecting, to be frank. It's going up the sales chart instead of peaking at the beginning and going down once the hardcores get copies. And, you know, keep in mind it's their busiest time of the year right now... It's selling more copies than some of the biggest releases of the year right now on the biggest retailer website in the world. Which is... supremely impressive.
Wow, that's great to hear this perspective on the Dr Horrible DVD's success. I'd read an article about it, gossi - kinda wish your post had kept going.
Aw. NPH is awesome, indeed. (Thanks to getting him on my radar with Dr Horrible, and lingering curiosity about AH's involvement, I tried HIMYM for the first time the other week. I am now making my way through it at high speed and must prevent self from using any more catchphrases.)

I got someone at work to watch Dr Horrible this week. Finally - I pestered him about it way back when it came out (he liked Firefly/Serenity, distrusts Buffy/Angel as having anything worthwhile in them). But this week he watched it. And liked it. Hurrah! Okay, probably not enough to buy it or contribute in any other monetary way, but whatever - important as it is to me that it succeed commercially, I feel so happy to just be able to spread the enjoyment around.

Once I get the dvd, there are a couple of teenage Sondheim fans I know who may be getting an enforced loan, too...

I seem to be rambling, enthusiastically. Dr Horrible has that effect on me.
Go go DVD mushortio!
Sheesh, that's kind of a misleading headline (the article's, not Simon's).
Skittledog, good for you in your efforts to spread the "good tidings of great joy" that is Dr. Horrible. I am personally indebted to others like you. If it were not for the diligent efforts of a co-worker, I would never know the joy of the Whedonverse. There something in there for everyone.
It would've been neat if someone had made a tracker for the dvd like used to do for the Firefly dvds. I think I remember it peaking it #11 briefly.
"Awesome-town"...that was very Barney-esque.
I adore NPH. He's a big star but also humbly, fannishly appreciative of Whedon & Co. He gets it. He gets that he's lucky to be a part of the club. But of course he's wonderfully talented, so they're lucky to have him, too. It's plain wonderful all around.

I'd be really interested to read your (unwritten) article on Dr. Horrible's success, gossi. It seems a real story to me: tracking the crazy success of an idea hatched during the writers' strike and now emerging as a produced-on-demand DVD and CD. I'd be interested to know if "Horrible" is the most successful thing to come out of the writers' strike. The strike was about money and fairness but it was also about ideas concerning the convulsive changes coming in the future to TV and movies in terms of platforms, distribution, funding, etc. Per those ideas, it seems to me as if Joss and Co. did a pretty cool and revolutionary thing with "Horrible" - at least revolutionary in terms of "Horrible" having been launched from within the bosom of the industry rather than from the outside. Or something.

Skittledog, kudos to you for your Whedonvangelism. Where's my pal Chris in Virginia? He's perhaps the most successful (and charming) Whedonvangelist I know. Keep up the good work, all ye who seek to spread the joy.

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I owe my own whedon-love to my best friend, who force-fed me Firefly and then Buffy and Angel a few years ago. Well, after Buffy 2 I may have force-fed myself. But yeah, having had the love spread to me, I have to spread it on...
Joss has the amazing ability to find incredible individuals to work with, which causes me to wonder if 1) he somehow discerns the very small number of them among us or 2) there are actually great numbers of them among us and he, as a single human being, only has time to bring a small subsection of them to our attention.


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