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December 15 2008

(SPOILER) 'Veronika Decides To Die' trailer. SMG's new movie which is an adaptation of the Paulo Coelho novel, is due out next year.

I've never read the book. Is it worth reading?
Sarah Michelle finally gets to play straight-up tragedy. Without any distracting special effects, more people may notice that her acting is phenomenal. (I was going to say "without any distracting genre-tude," but tragedy is a genre, just a classy, award-snaring one.) (Plus: not really a word.)
I'm marking the date, because SMG is starring in a movie I am excited to see.

Good trailer. Looks very interesting. David Thewlis and Jonathon Tucker for the win!
Yep, good trailer. And good to see the quote from Paulo Coelho. Not that I have any doubts about SMG's acting ability (after episodes like The Body who could?). I must make an effort to read the book before seeing it...
I see the book now as a bound volume of spoilers. Maybe after.

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God, that looks terribly, terribly sad. After recently seeing "The Bridge" I'm not sure if I can handle another movie about suicide any time soon. It's gratifying to see Coelho's quoted praise of our Sarah Michelle, though. Good for her.
phlebotinin, I just watched "The Bridge". I don't really know what to say about it.
Yeah, gossi, I know. Me either.
She looks so Buffy-like with the long blond hair that it makes me feel awful to see her that sad.
Is also up on You Tube if interested.
Omg, she's so pretty. I absolutely adore her. Can't wait for the movie.
Simon, I know that that this book has received a lot of great reviews. I haven't read it yet, but it's in my (very large) to be read pile. He's an amazing author.

For an interesting read, check out his website and under Veronika Decides to Die, click on "Why I wrote this book."
Simon,I read it over the summer, and I really liked it. It's short, and I finished it in a day. It's really not as depressing as you might initially think. It's beautiful in a way.

I also think that this will be a good role for Sarah. Maybe she'll get noticed more from now on!
That looked... really good. I've shied away from SMG's recent works (since The Return), but that trailer makes me re-think my decision. I will definitely be looking forward to this (and may watch those movies I've skipped out on).
I know we need to let the actors move on, but I have to admit my first reaction was, "Wow, she looks like she could drop right back into a Buffy plot..."
The trailer looks amazing and Sarah gave me chills. I truly hope this will make people see her as the amazingly talented actress she really is and not just a "scream queen".

And I have to say I'm extra proud she's the one doing this movie, cause I'm brazilian and I really admire Paulo Coelho. I love his quote at the end.
I think the fact that she allowed herself to look so much like Buffy in this movie can only mean that she's sending Joss subliminal messages that she is finally interested in doing a Buffy movie after all. Or at least that's what we can expect the rest of the entertainment blogosphere to start reporting after reading the comments in this thread.
I know trailers can be misleading and all, but this looks really good. I'm kind of excited now.

And yeah, there are a couple of shots where she looks very Buffy-ish.
I can't wait to see this. Sarah looks amazing. This might be her chance to show all her talent on the big screen.

Anybody know what is the song in the trailer ?
I am trying to remain mature and rational about this when all I really want to do is flail and squeal with happiness. Sarah is going to be glorious (and gorgeous). David Thewlis is always awesome. And I grew very fond of Jonathan Tucker in the 14 episodes we got of The Black Donnellys, so I'm glad to see him as well. The whole thing looks beautiful and tragic, and I can't wait to see it.

I'll be picking up the book from the library tomorrow. ;)
Anybody know what is the song in the trailer?

I want to know, too. I don't know how to look something like that up.
Stranger Things Have Happened by the Foo Fighters
Thanks, buffys_faith.
That is one great trailer. I'm loving the different angles the director is using and that one scene where Sarah Michelle is wearing a black shirt and is wiping one tear off her cheek, her expression is This looks really beautiful. I'm so hopeful that Sarah Michelle gets the recognition she deserves in films from this performance.
Wow. I'm actually pretty excited for this, after years of guarded pessimism toward SMG's projects (I really, really want to like them, but...most made me just miss her work on Buffy.) The trailer looks awesome (and yes, many surprisingly Buffy-esque shots; it's been how many years, and she can still look like that? and by "that" I mean drop-down gorgeous) and the comment from the author is extremely promising. All in all: yay!
I'm very excited for Sarah to have the opportunity to carry a film with such weight and depth, mainly because I've seen moments where she's more or less done that already. I liked her subtle, restrained performance in The Return, as well as her wounded, nuanced work in The Air I Breathe. Here, just based off the trailer, it looks like they're doing a fine job of lighting her features with a warm, soft quality. I'm on board for sure.
Wow!! I really want to see this film, I agree that Sarah Michelle has the potential to be a massive film star she has just chosen alot of wrong roles. I watched the return her acting was brilliant but the film as a whole just didn't live up to her performance, the grudge was another film that to me couldn't live up to the high standards of the original japanese film and Sarah's acting was overlooked for cheap scares, Southland tales her perfomance was great but she just didn't have enough screen time for you to really connect with her character. This on the other hand looks like the right kind of film for her to really hit the bigtime (hopefully), beacuse I really want her to beacuse she is and always will be an amazing actress. I think I may have to read the book.
I'm SO excited about this. I've read the book and it was so poignant and beautiful. It looks like this movie is set to be true to that.
I don't agree with what most people say here because I absolutely loved SMG in The Air I Breathe. It's a good movie that wasn't noticed in the USA.

I loved the trailer. Really, really good.
Finally, a Sarah Michelle movie I can watch. This is the kind of project she should have been pursuing after Buffy, not the generic thrillers and the Scooby Doo's.
@Rikardo: Perhaps you and I should start a campaign. :)

@Enisy: Don't you mean Melvin Doo's?
To be fair, I haven't seen The Air I Breathe or Southland Tales. After The Grudge, The Return, & the Scooby Doos, I just didn't want to get my hopes up.

I might be the first victim in your campaign, kungfubear & Rikardo. Maybe I'll check out The Air I Breathe over the holidays.

I do hope this movie puts SMG back on the map where she belongs.
Man this looks to be something special. I can not wait to see it. I am amazed at how the first thought when viewing this trailor was "Buffy is so sad". LOL, she looks just like Buffy again. That's not a bad thing. SMG is gorgeous.
Btw, that link isn't working for me anymore. The trailer's on Youtube though.
I enjoyed the trailer very much. I look forward to seeing it in the future.

It looks like the Veronika Decides to Die production company have removed all of the trailers, due to copyright infringement.
I wasn't sure if this warranted another thread so I thought I'd post this in here - the official site for Veronika Decides to Die is up and they have another trailer here.

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The new/official trailer's pretty nice, definitely cleaner & without certain controversial lines. ;)

The song choice is also good, though I had to do some lyric-Googleing. "Come Undone" - Greg Laswell. Pretty.

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