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December 15 2008

Mark Sheppard begins his recurring role on Leverage. Mark will be appearing in at least 5 episodes of the series Leverage (which stars Christain Kane) this season, including the season finale. Starting this Tuesday at 10pm ET on TNT.

I noticed him in the previews. I also saw Danny Strong, who will appear (according to his IMDB profile) in the episode, The Snow Job, airing in late January. Dave and I are enjoying this show.
I really love 'Leverage' so far, and I know that Mark Sheppard will just be a wonderful addition to an already interesting and complex (and beautifully cast) show!
I like 'Leverage' a great deal and seeing Mark Sheppard again will be awesome.

I wonder which episode Sam Anderson's appearance is in. I can't wait for that one as well.
Yeah, this should be really interesting. 'Leverage' is definitely a show I plan to follow, although it is hard not to like a show cast like this one. Christian's character seems really awesome, I can't wait to see more.

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I'm really enjoying this show, can't wait to see what Mark Sheppard adds to the mix. And he's going to be on Dollhouse too, but I think for just one episode.
I'm enjoying this too. I think they have the casting absolutely spot on so far. Aldis Hodge is my favourite to this point.
My housemate told me to watch this show, saying it was pretty good, and I have really been digging it thus far. Solid cast, and seems like it is just getting better.
I agree that each ep is better than the last, and I love what Mark Sheppard added to the mix.
Although I have to admit the I'll be re-watching this one for the yummy Christian Kane parts (Joss would never have cut off the love scene in the stables so .... prematurely). ;-)

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