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December 15 2008

(SPOILER) Eliza spills on Echo's personas. Some old info, but a couple of new interesting tidbits worth checking out as well.

She reveals her favorite persona, as well as the one she found the hardest playing, the latter of which takes us back to an older post . And, of course, a cappella!

Uncertainty is ensued as to the spoiler-level on this post, but I put it up there just in case.
I also seem to remember something similar being posted before, but couldn't find anything in the archives.

(Also, first post)

She sings! Thank god! But some of these quotes are getting sort of... old.
The quote about Joss making her uncomfortable with an up-do reminds me of the Mayor putting Faith in a pink dress. (I guess Joss is the Mayor in this scenario.)
Even if some of this is old news, it satisfies my need to see more promotion of Dollhouse. And I kind of hope they don't give too much away (even for a spoiler-phile like me) because I think it'll help the show in the end.

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