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December 15 2008

(SPOILER) Felicia Day on The Guild and Dr. Horrible. Felicia discusses the changes to Season 2 of her popular web series and briefly touches on her Horrible experience.

Spoilers for Dr. Horrible, for those unlucky few who have yet to see it.

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She's doing some really interesting stuff with the new season and having read the script for the last few episodes, I can tell you without a doubt that its going to be amazing.
xerox It will be much if I ask you a link for the scripts?
I'm having a very hard time only listen the episodes.
I love the guild. I'm having some difficulty with Season 2, though. I can watch msn video on my Mac at home just fine, but it won't work on my Mac at the office. Not quite sure what the difference is.
Great interview!

The new Christmas video is up too. It's so cheery...

Even in death, Zaboo tries to feel Codex up.
Loved the Christmas video! The Guild is one of my sinful delights (sinful because I watch it at work). ;)

I can't wait to see more of Vork's house!
Brasilian Chaos Man, I don't have the scripts. While they were filming at my apartment complex there was one lying around and I picked it up and read through it. I told Felicia about it and she didn't have a problem with me reading it but she'd have a problem with me posting it on the internet if I did have a copy so... sorry. :(

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